Xavier Scruggs signs with NC Dinos

Free Agent 1B/outfielder Xavier Scruggs, 29, will be playing his next season in the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) with the NC Dinos, an official announcement was made just today. According to the report, the contract details for Xavier Scruggs was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 1.2 billion Won (1 million USD overall… 800,000 USD in annual salary, while 200,000 USD in signing bonus), he plans to join his new team next year in early February… he will be used primarily as a first baseman for the upcoming season, as replacement for Eric Thames.

The RH hitter Xavier Scruggs played for 3 years there at the Major league level (with the Cardinals, and Miami Marlins respectively). He currently owns a batting line of .227/.303/.595 with 1 homerun and 14 RBI in 50 games played. He finished his 2016 regular season campaign with the Miami Marlins batting .210/.290/.306 with a homerun and 5 RBI in 24 games.

7 thoughts on “Xavier Scruggs signs with NC Dinos

    • Bagyong Nina did not hit us here in Davao city though… Achaela’s currently in Makati city but said they were alright, water was pretty high in their area yesterday the last time I contacted her, but said things are okay now. Local news here said that Albay in the Bicol region, Calapan, and other areas in South Eastern Luzon got hit very hard.

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      • As an inhabitant of a perennial target of tropical cyclones, my best wishes and hopes for a speedy rebuild to the victims of Nina.

        The last storm we had through here, Hurricane Matthew, knocked over lawn chairs in and around Macondo. We will never forget.

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  1. There had been talk of the Feesh signing Scruggs again. He fit the profile of the Macondo bench player: can’t hit very well, can’t field very well, will work for food. Thanks to the KBO for saving us more embarrassment.

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