A Christmas PSA

There are those of us who plan a wrapping design for each season — selecting a color scheme and coordinating the wrapping and ribbon. Then, there are those who stuff things into a bag that’s too big or too small and that they paid too much for just because they have no sense.

And, then, there are those whose attentions lie somewhere between these two wrapping extremes: Those who have the decency to wrap a gift sensibly but lack the forethought and/or care to take it to the ace wrapping level. These wrapping grinders find ways to win at presents and are an example to those below the Mendoza Ribbon.

This Christmas, Justin Verlander found himself in a wrapping dilemma. Did he panic? No. Did he chicken out and ask a woman in his life to bail him out and wrap gifts for him? No.

See, Verlander is a winner, and winners find ways to win — at baseball, at model-dating, and at Christmasing.  Instead, he dug in with grit and determination and got that final K to shut down the wrapping threat.

What’s more, in the spirit of Christmas giving, he shared his victory with folks (mostly men) around the world who might be facing a similar wrapping dilemma.

As a public service announcement, we share it here for the edification of those of you who might be wrapping in a last minute crunch before heading out the door to dinner at Mom’s/Grandma’s/Gator’s.

Grind out that Christmas, y’all!

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