Long Live Fredi’s HoneyBaked Ham

This is the anniversary of the wildest offseason transaction news in the history of Braves Country, when Fredi Gonzalez spilled his guts to a random guy at the Honeybaked Ham store about Atlanta signing A.J. Pierzynski.

aj-pierzynski-540x370Let me set the scene. It was 2014. The Braves were just as bad as they are now, in fact, probably even worse. The setups that brought us the bounty that is Dansby “Civil War Hair Hero” Swanson and Ender “No Nicknames Needed Because Ender’s Game is Enough” Inciarte hadn’t yet occurred. Hell, we still had Fredi Gonzalez as our manager. It was a nightmare.

So, when the news of AJ Pierzynski’s signing started making the rounds of Braves Twitter, and not from DOB or Bowman but the drummer of a Christian rock band, we in the BravesFam were curious to say the least.

And then we found out it was true. An important signing (and yes, it actually was an important one, considering that AJP filled in at backstop more often than not) being broken on Twitter by a random guy’s dad.

This whole story, in a nutshell, was really what the Fredi Years in Atlanta were all about. Incompetency, weird decisions, all wrapped up in hammy goodness. Really, you couldn’t get a better metaphor.

Long live Fredi’s HoneyBaked Ham, with extra mustard.


3 thoughts on “Long Live Fredi’s HoneyBaked Ham

  1. The Feesh get Freddi back as third base coach. Watch him feed runners to the opposing catcher like everyone’s firstborn to Moloch.

    Anyway, welcome back Prof. Good to see you sounding like your ole self again.


    • You know what they say, OG. Fake it ’til you make it.

      At least Fredi isn’t going to be making all the lousy decisions all by his lonesome lol…


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