No We Haven’t All Quit The Site

There just isn’t much to talk about this week.  Most agents and front office staff and players are on vacation and getting their shopping done and no one seems to want to really get into trade or contract negotiations.  But rest assured we are still around, twiddling our thumbs, just waiting for the next big off-season move.  Will it be a trade?  Will one of the remaining outfielders sign?  Or will it be a shocker that no one sees coming?

In the mean time, we can chat about religion and politics.  I kid I kid.  Let’s talk about movies, music and holiday plans!  Does anyone have any good holiday vacations going on?  Anyone traveling to somewhere nice and warm?  Personally I’m sticking around home this year, though I hope to get away sometime in the next few months.  I plan on working on my Netflix queue at some point and maybe spending a little extra time at the gym.  I do all my shopping on Cyber Monday, so that bit has been done for a few weeks for me.  I’m planning on seeing Rogue One shortly.  no spoilers  I hear it’s really good, so I’m getting a little excited.

Is there anything else going on that’s worth talking about?

11 thoughts on “No We Haven’t All Quit The Site

  1. Well, the first sandhill cranes went over last week on their yearly southerly migration, so winter has officially arrived here in my little slice of paradise. All my shopping is finished. All the food for the annual Badhair Family Cooking Orgy is purchased. And I did see this headline.
    Man allowed to wear goat horns in Maine driver’s license photo

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  2. Anyone traveling to somewhere nice and warm, you ask? Down here, it’s always warm in December. We’ve already had some 30C+ days and more are forecast over the Christmas holiday period. But, since that’s not nearly hot enough for my beach-loving wife, we’re driving 1000kms north tomorrow to spend a week with our son at the delightfully named Surfers Paradise.

    Sadly, I’m no surfer and that place is no longer a paradise, being mainly now a tourist trap surrounded by a forest of high-rise apartments overlooking what was once a relatively unpopulated beach. At least that’s how I remember it as a teenager. I suppose I’ll just have to be content with Christmas lunch – out on the balcony, views over the ocean, mostly seafood, salads, cold desserts, and copious adult beverages. Tough, I know, but we just suck it up and don’t complain. How’s that song go? I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the one’s I’ve never known…

    Best wishes to all you good folks in the cold, dark north (and if you think it’s cold & dark now, just wait for 20 January, eh?) Many, many thanks for all your contributions to this site whether as author or commenter; they’ve been greatly appreciated. May all your team(s) go long into the 2017 postseason!

    ps. For those hanging out for news of the ABL (yes, both of you), it’s mid-point of the season and the Melbourne Aces are already looking like champs on a 15-5 record. 2015 winners Canberra Calvary are somewhat distant at 11-9 with Adelaide Bite only a game behind (so still a chance to make the finals Prof)

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  3. Things are rather slow here this time of year in the semi-frozen Maritimes. No plans for any holiday travel this year as money is a bit tight, what with the wife off work for medical reasons and number one son now in university. Still, I’m looking forward to a bit of decompress time at home with the family (and with extended family on Christmas day at my dad’s place – a mere hour away).

    So I will take this time to wish my Fan Interference family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2017.

    PS. All I want for Christmas is Edwin back in a Jays’ uniform.

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  4. Good news – heading to Maui for a week on the 30th.
    Less good news – bringing 4 teenagers with us (in the interest of accuracy, 2 of them become teenagers during the trip)…
    Still lesser good news – it’s where I went with my first wife on our honeymoon – so I have to pretend like I have never been there before.

    All that aside, it’s warm, sunny, and I won’t have to scrape ice off the windshield…

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