Frank Garces signs with Seibu Lions

Miami Marlins left-handed pitcher, Frank Garces, 26, will be playing his next season in NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) with the Seibu Lions of the Pacific league, an official announcement was made just today. Via link, the contract details for Garces was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 60 million Yen (522,000 USD in annual salary), he will also wear the jersey number 59, according to the report.

The Dominican-born Frank Garces played for 2 years there at the Major league, all with the San Diego Padres organization. He currently owns a record of 0-1, along with an earned run average of 4.60 in 55 games played in year 2014-2015 (1 game started, 47 innings pitched) with the team, primarily as a reliever in his big league career… he finished his 2016 regular season campaign posting a record of 6-8, and an earned run average of 4.41 (114 1/3 innings pitched) this season with the Padres minor league affiliate, Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas. He recently signed a minor league deal this off-season with the Miami Marlins last month in November 17 of this year.

One thought on “Frank Garces signs with Seibu Lions

  1. Aha, an as yet unremarked Pacific League team.

    The Seibu Lions play in Tokorozawa, about fifty miles northwest of Tokyo in Kanto prefecture. They played in Fukuoka before moving to their present location in 1979. The team is owned by Prince Hotels, which warms my heart’s cockles because the Shinegawa Prince Hotel is my go-to nest site whenever I’m in Tokyo. The hotel has a panoramic view of where Godzilla first walked out of Tokyo Bay in 1954, and…uh… oh, right. Here’s the Lions logo:

    And yeah, it does look a lot like Simba, doesn’t it? Well, at least their mascot isn’t a meerkat. I hate meerkats.

    The team plays in the Seibu Prince Dome (almost sounds like a Miyazaki anime, doesn’t it – Prince Seibu saves Princess Mononoke from some evil oni):

    Not really inspiring architcture, is it? Looks to me like a big platter of spaghetti and meatballs that someone dropped in conformity to the butter side down principle. Fortunately, underneath it is an ackcherel baseball field instead of a pile of rotting pasta and moldy ground round:

    Speaking of meatballs, in the early 1980’s, the team’s legendary manager Tatsuo Hirooka went stark raving uncottered and demanded that all his players adhere to a strict Buddhist vegetarian diet, probably after watching reruns of Matango, the movie that inspired Gilligan’s Island. Team Chlorophyll won the Japan Series that year (1981) and the next, but a few of the guys probably blew out their kundalinis in the third year because the Hanshin Tigers beat them for the Japan championship in 1983. Harooka got canned in 1986 and the team has enjoyed sustained if moderate success while feeding on living flesh since then.

    And here’s that spectacular view from the Shinegawa Prince Hotel I mentioned above:

    Come on now, you don’t even get a view like this from the Waldorf.

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