Danny Espinosa Traded To Angels

Early today, we learned that Danny Espinosa was unhappy with a newly diminished role in the Nationals’ lineup, and skipped out on Nationals Fanfest. Well, it appears that he made a smart move because hours after the report was filed regarding his unhappiness, Washington traded him to the Los Angeles Angels for two right handed pitchers.

After the Nats traded for Adam Eaton, and thereby allowing Trea Turner to take over at his natural position of shortstop, the lack of an infield position would have left Espinosa on the bench. The Angels, on the other hand, needed a second baseman to pair with Andrelton Simmons. The Nats’ didn’t need him, and the Angels did.

A lifetime .226/.302/.388 hitter, Espinosa is coming off a .209 season with a career-best 24 home runs in 601 plate appearances.

10 thoughts on “Danny Espinosa Traded To Angels

    1. Funny, but I find it hard to believe he got traded hours after skipping the event because he was being petulant. This trade probably started as soon as Eaton came into the fold and Espinosa skipped it because he was probably told he was about to be traded to the Angels.

      Imagine him at Winter Fest signing autographs and fans telling him: “Dude didn’t they just trade you?”


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  1. It’s a particularly shitty move by Espinosa. If you are unhappy with the brass, fine take it up with them, but to skip out of “FAN” Fest is a particularly childish/dickish move and only hurts the people who are paying your fucking salary and the taxes which fund the in which stadiums you play. I would have traded his ungrateful ass too. What a selfish douchecanoe.


    1. The trade had nothing to do with his being an unhappy camper; rather, it had everything to do with his spot in the lineup being a blackhole from which the occasional home run would escape, but not much else.

      He had a really good first half last year, and was on track for Best Season Ever By An Eight Hole Hitter(tm), but other than that, he defined Good Field, No Hit. The Nats are emphasizing an ability to make contact, and with the emergence of Trea Turner last year, Espinosa was a goner when the season ended, the only question being would the Nats find a new shortstop and leave Turner in CF, or would they find a new CF and move Turner to SS. Espinosa may have been in denial about his circumstances, which could’ve led to his blow up after the Eaton trade, but the chances of his being on the roster as a $5M per year utility guy were next to none.

      I wish him well in Anaheim.


    2. Don’t know where I read it, or who said it (think it was Rizzo), but the trade was being worked on for at least a week. But, yeah, it was a completely assholish move.


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