Official: Johnny Monell signs with KT Wiz

It is official, the contract details for Johnny Monell was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 1.06 billion Won (900,000 USD in annual salary), according to the report.

Free Agent catcher Johnny Monell, 30, will be playing his next season in the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) with the KT Wiz. Monell’s contract details will soon be released shortly, according to the report. He will primarily be used in the DH and 1B spot, while also making some appearance there at the catcher position for his new team. In the KBO, he was originally headed to the NC Dinos as replacement for losing 1B Eric Thames to MLB, but the deal broke down eventually.

The left-handed hitter Johnny Monell played for 2 years there at the Major league level, with the San Francisco Giants in year 2013, and with the New York Mets in 2015 respectively. He currently owns a batting line of .161/.230/.196 with no homeruns and 5 RBI in 35 games played (61 PA, along with 56 AB) at the Major league level… he’s a career .271/.349/.453 hitter in the minors (10 seasons), with 107 homeruns and 482 RBI in 893 games played (3410 PA, 3010 AB).

3 thoughts on “Official: Johnny Monell signs with KT Wiz

  1. Hi Ren. Mr. Monell’s slash line is pretty shitty, obviously better than anything I can do, but still pretty shitty. And a billion Won is pretty darn good for a 1 year contract. Just the other day I was mentioning to Mrs. Punch, that if I could just bend over to tie my cleats, I too would be making a billion Won.

    900,000 US ain’t to bad either.

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      1. Okay Ren. I bet you 500 Won that he doesn’t hit 30 and will double it for every one he hits. Just email me your bank account to /notanigerianprince/but I could change your life anyway /justshutand5givemeyourdidgets

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