Yankees Break The Bank, Sign Chapman

Yankees pulled up a dump-truck of money, (probably the same one that Marvel uses to get Robert Downey Jr. to reprise his role as Iron Man.) and backed it up to Aroldis Chapman’s house to get him to return just a few months after trading him to Chicago.

Chapman who was embroiled in a domestic violence investigation last winter was traded from the Reds to the Yankees for a pair of wet socks.  The Yankees then turned that trade into a windfall of prospects, only to get Chapman right back.  This time he will cost the Yankees 86 million over 5 years.  Must be nice to be uber rich and have no moral values what-so-ever.

Chapman, who turns 29 in February, becomes the highest-paid reliever in major league history. His $17.2 million annual salary surpasses the $15.5 million salary the San Francisco Giants gave Mark Melancon in their four-year deal on Monday. The Yankees had also negotiated with the other elite closer on the free agent market, Kenley Jansen of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but preferred Chapman all along.

It will be interesting to see how Chapman responds next year after Joe Maddon hopped on his back and rode him like a rented mule.  Last season Chapman pitched a combined 1.55 ERA with 36 Saves, a 1.42 FIP and held a .862 WHIP.

6 thoughts on “Yankees Break The Bank, Sign Chapman

        1. C’mon scout, even you or I can catch up to a 105 mph fastball, even you or I! On the best lsd 125 that you drop on your eyeballs, while snorting an ounce of coke while drinking mountain dew red after conning the tweeked out meth lab guys that they are more handsome after their teeth and hair fell out!

          Yup, I did the math! Even you or I!


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