Feesh Net Mediocrity at Weenter Meeting

I have to make this brief because I’m in Nyorc at the moment, braving bitter cold and rain for two more days before I can flee back to the tropical sunshine, and the wi-fi signal in my hotel room is sputterprone (to put it mildly).

So what did the Feesh accomplish during the Weenter Meetings? Well, they pulled in their nets and onto the deck tumbled what for most teams would be considered bycatch: another mediocre 5-plus ERA non-tendered erratic starting pitcher, Jeff Locke, and another backup catcher who can “frame pitches” but can’t hit his weight, non-tendered A. J. Ellis. With the additions of Volquez last week and Locke this week, the Feesh have added nearly eleven earned runs and another catcher who will not get them many runs back at the plate, like the dearly departed Jeff Mathis who caught ball lightning in a bottle by signing with Arizona.

So, it was another cheapskate fiesta and as they head home Scrooge McLoria’s money vault guards are checking back over their shoulder to see if Kenley Jansen will value being reunited with Jar Jar Baseball over the couple of million more that the Dodgers or Gnats will likely put up than the Feesh have offered him.

Ah well.Third place, here we come again.

UPDATE: With Koji Uehara’s agreement on a deal with the Cubs, another one of the Feesh’s fallback options when Kenley Jansen decides he needs the nuthouse environment of Macondo Banana Massacre Field like a hole in the head and re-signs with the Dodgers or goes to the Gnats is gone. That, of the splendid list of boolpen wannahaves the Feesh were brandishing before the Weenter Meetings, now leaves only last-resort options Junichi Tazawa and sidearmer Brad Ziegler.




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