Ian Desmond To Colorado

In a deal that absolutely no one saw coming, the Rockies have signed Ian Desmond to a 5 year deal worth approximately 70MM  guaranteed.  There is a 6 year option to extend the deal to 83MM.

Desmond, 30, spent the bulk of the 2015 season mired in a woeful slump at the plate and had to settle for a one-year deal in his first trip through the free-agent process last winter. That pact came with an $8MM guarantee and a position change, but Desmond handled the new role with aplomb. He played a solid left field before shifting to center and performing reasonably well, given his lack of experience at the position, while also bouncing back with a .285/.335/.446 batting line, 22 homers and 21 steals on the offensive side of the ball. That newfound versatility undoubtedly played a role in pushing his market up to the five-year threshold.

As things stand now, Desmond is slated to start at first base for the Rockies.

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