Checking In On Jose Bautista

The market for Jose Bautista is shrinking even if just a little.  For one there a glut of outfielders available on the market at the moment.  Second a few players seem to be pricing themselves out of the market at the moment.  Next we find word that some teams are outright refused to even talk to Jose Bautista.

That the Orioles wouldn’t have much interest in a 36 year old outfielder who posted a .243/.366/.452 who is reportedly asking for a 5 year contract worth over 150 MM and would cost any signing team a draft pick isn’t much of a surprise.  That this player is one who’s had a longstanding contentious relationship with the Orioles is sure to also be a major factor in the decision.  But for a team to be so publicly frank about it is quite something else.  No “He just isn’t the right fit.”, or “The financials just didn’t work out.”.  Nope, it’s pretty brutal.  “No one here likes you.”

Toronto may be done with Edwin Encarnacion, but Jose had better hope there’s still room for him on the squad.  I would imagine there isn’t any room in Texas for him either.


3 thoughts on “Checking In On Jose Bautista

  1. Mariners? Nope, Nelson Cruz
    Giants?Nope, Hunter pence.
    A’s? Nope, Too expensive.
    Dodgers? Nope, Puig.
    Padres? Maybe.
    Rockies? Nope. CarGo.
    Royals? Nope Too expensive.
    Cards? Nope, too expensive
    Astros? Maybe
    Rangers? HAHAHAHAHAHA Nope!
    Twins? Maybe
    Brewers? Nope. Braun
    White Sox? Nope Money/age
    Cubs? Probably Nope.
    Reds? Nope.Money
    Cleveland? Maybe
    Tigers? Nope. Money/age
    Pirates? Nope Money/age
    Phillies? Maybe, but probably not.
    Marlins? Nope. Stanton
    Rays? Nope. Sousa/money
    Braves? Who knows.
    Mets? Nope. Money.
    Yankmes? Maybe
    D-Backs? Maybe
    Red Sox? Nope. Money
    Nats? Nope. Harper
    O’s Nope.

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