Astros Ink Carlos Beltran

The Astros have a new DH today, after signing Carlos Beltran to  a 1 year 16mm deal.

Beltran turns 40 in April, but he showed no signs of slowing down last season, batting .295/.337/.513 with 29 homers for the Yankees and Rangers. That hitting line placed him among the game’s better designated hitters — the only ones who were markedly better were David Ortiz, Nelson Cruz and Encarnacion. The switch-hitting Beltran was particularly deadly against lefties, batting .338/.380/.589 with nine homers in 163 plate appearances, but he also hit righties well. Beltran no longer has the baserunning or defensive value he did as a young man, but his skills at the plate have aged remarkably well, as he’s topped an .800 OPS in five of the last six seasons.

The Astros have been quite active already this off-season adding Beltran, Brian McCann, Nori, Aoki, and Josh Reddick.

3 thoughts on “Astros Ink Carlos Beltran

  1. This gives me the chance to share a guilty secret. I was very angry with the way the Beltran deal went down in 2004. It was clear afterwards that Boras and Beltran were always playing the Astros for chumps and had no intention of staying in Houston. Carlos’ self-serving story now is that the Astros would not give him a no-trade clause, but that one makes no sense at all in the context.

    Having said that, I am now beyond all anger with Beltran and have been for years. Two reasons:

    He has been a great talent and fun to watch all these years.
    Final game of the NLCS, 2006. Rookie Adam Wainwright pitching against Beltran with the bases loaded and two outs in the ninth. “Strike Three!!” Anyone who could break so many Mets’ fans hearts by taking one pitch is my kind of guy.


    Welcome back to Houston, Carlos! I hope you have at least one very productive year left.


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