Official: Casey McGehee signs with Yomiuri Giants

It is official, the contract details for Casey McGehee was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 193 million Yen (1.7 million USD in annual salary), he will also wear the jersey number 33, according to his team.

Free agent infielder, Casey McGehee, 34, will be playing his next season in NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) with the Yomiuri Giants, of the Central league. According to the report (and other sources), an official announcement has yet to be made, but will eventually be released shortly showing his contract details… This year, after the regular season, McGehee stated that he’s interested in playing again in Japan.

This is going to be McGehee’s second stint in the league, with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, of the Pacific league, being the first back in year 2013… where he posted solid numbers batting .292/.376/.515 with 28 homeruns and 93 RBI in his first year with the team (NPB stats), also winning the Japan Series against Yomiuri. He then returned to the big leagues for the 2014 season after that, with the Miami Marlins, he performed rather well again (minus the power numbers he has shown in Japan), owning a batting line of .287/.355/.357 with 4 homeruns and 76 RBI in 160 games played (691 PA, with 616 AB), resulting him winning the NL Comeback Player of the Year award… but those moments did not last, though, as his performance derailed after that, from 2015-2016 (San Francisco Giants, with the Miami Marlins again, and lastly with the Detroit Tigers), so here’s to hopefully he can turn things around as he plays again in NPB.

6 thoughts on “Official: Casey McGehee signs with Yomiuri Giants

    • Ackcherley, McGehee’s performance derailed after the All Star break in 2014. Overall it looks like a good season by the stats but after a torrid start, his second half numbers were pretty consistent with his 2015-16 play.

      Anyway, I think he’ll enjoy playing for Yomiuri. The stadium is less radioactive than the one up in Miyagi, but the cheerleaders are about as luscious as the ones at his former Japanese base. It’s just that the Yomiuri gals have a healthy glow about them.

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    • Hanshin does. Casey will meet their needs.

      Meanwhile, something occurred to me about the spawrts pwess while reading this. Last orfseason, if you will recall, there were rumors “circulating” that El Keed was disliked by his teammates for his egotism and arrogance. One of the names that surfaced several times as a “source” for those accusations was Casey McGehee. Then, when El Keed died, McGehee was one of the first to eulogize him, mentioning how whenever he brought his learning-disabled son to the ballpark Jose was always the first to come over and spend time with him, even “babysitting” him while daddy took fielding or batting practice.

      I get the feeling that those attributions to McGehee were complete and utter bullshit – like most of what you read or hear in the spawrts media.


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