Andrew McCutchen to Washington?

Trade talks have apparently heated up between the Nationals and the Pirates and the Nationals are said to be quite close to picking up the superstar outfielder.  According to Ken Rosenthal the key piece headed back to Pittsburgh is 19 year old outfield prospect Victor Robles.

Robles, a speedy center fielder who hit .280/.376/.423 with 34 extra-base hits and 37 steals in 110 games mostly in Class A in 2016, was rated the 29th-best prospect in baseball by before the 2016 season and ranked 33rd by Baseball America.

McCutchen is coming off a down season, hitting .256/.336/.430, a 103 OPS+, with 24 home runs and 26 doubles in 153 games. That was, by far, his worst of his eight major league seasons, after averaging .299/.391/.499, a 146 OPS+, 23 home runs, 35 doubles, 94 runs, 84 RBI, and 22 steals from 2010-15.

McCutchen turned 30 in October and has one year plus a club option remaining on his contract.

The addition of McCutchen would allow the Nats to move Trea Turner to his natural position of shortstop.

6 thoughts on “Andrew McCutchen to Washington?

    1. Getting the trade done today will also allow the Nats to non-tender Danny Espinosa.

      That said, I’m not sure the Nats want to give up Robles. Yeah, he’s young, but as far as position players go, he’s the best they’ve got on the farm, and someone will have to play OF in 2019, when Werth, Harper, and McCutchen (if acquired) could all be gone.


        1. Yeah, I’m know Flags Fly Forever(tm) and I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the deal, necessarily, although ‘Cutch v2016 isn’t what ‘Cutch2014 was (‘Cutch v2016 isn’t much different than Harper v2016, actually), I’m just guessing what the Nats might do or not do.

          Also, Espinosa was tendered a contract offer today as an arb-eligible player (and Revere was non-tendered). With Espinosa tendered, that removes any haste that might be in play here.


  1. I wonder if the Pirates decision to trade McCutchen had anything to do with his declining bat speed. Although his offensive numbers rebounded in the last two months of the season he continued to have trouble with serious gas. Two years ago it was dang near impossible to get a fastball past him. I also wonder if his rumored unhappiness with moving to a corner outfield position had anything to do with the Pirates urgency to trade him.

    I don’t know what to make of Washington’s outfield defense reasoning. Harper looks to be a decent right fielder. Werth is a fence post. Even with better positioning (and how in blazes did the Pirates of advanced defensive metrics renown fail to notice for an entire season they had him playing too shallow? Sorry, not buying it) McCutchen’s arm and Jon Jay’s are roughly equal.


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