Say Goodbye To The Stupid ASG Home Field Advantage Rule

According to our old pal Bill Baer over at that other blog, cooler heads have prevailed in MLB and have decided that the winner of the All Star Game will no longer determine who has home field advantage.

And the church says, “Amen.”

As part of the newly agreed-to Collective Bargaining Agreement approved by Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association, and first reported by the Associated Press, home field advantage will now be awarded to the pennant winner with the better regular season record, the way God intended it to be.

Since that ignoble day that the All Star Game ended in a tie, and Bud Selig, in his infinite wisdom, decided that it had to therefore mean something, the American League has won the lion’s share of the ASG matchups, and as a result, have had home field advantage over teams which had much better overall records. For example, this year alone was a perfect example as to why the ASG home field advantage was bogus – the Cubs had the undisputed best record in all of baseball, and yet going into the World Series they had the unlikely role of having to play from behind. While we all know what happened, in all honesty Chicago should have had home field advantage, and who knows what would have occurred had they not had the artificial underdog spot.

These new (and welcomed) rules will be applied starting this coming season.

18 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To The Stupid ASG Home Field Advantage Rule

  1. I smile, allowing rivulets of soymilk and dissolved particulata of Ethereal Cereal to dribble down the sides of my face.


  2. Thank God, out long national nightmare is over!

    And one of the most stupid marketing ploys in the history of sports drops by the wayside.


      1. Shit, I dropped my phone. You didn’t think that I would just post what I did you? Anyway, they will let more egregious things go to fuck the rookies and that is why people like Curt fucking Shilling has the nerve to even suggest he will run for office and maybe even become the mayor of Boston.

        After this election, even I’m wondering if I shouldn’t throw my hat into the ring. I just know that I only have 2 bankruptcy tales. One my company and one personal.
        Do you think that I should file a few more to catch up and seem smarter?


      1. In the discussion thread for that tweet, the three teams that got screwed out of home field went 1-2, with the 2016 Cubs being the one, and STL in 2004 and TEX in 2011 losing.


  3. But now how do we see to it that anybody gives a crap about who wins the all star game? I say the winners get ice cream and get to watch a Star Trek move while the losers have to settle for pie or cake and sit through a Star Wars movie.


    1. Those with silly reasons to care will still care. But now, pitchers will be free to throw crazy eefus pitches and groove one for guys like the Iron Giant to entertain the fans with moonshots. Stuff like that. I’d rather see these pros showing orf than having to take their midsummer vacations so seriously.


        1. I do remember the all star game where Johnson threw one over Kruk’s head into the backstop, and I thought that was fun. I also remember that Kruk pulled out completely on his swing at one low away later in the at bat to strike out.


      1. You do have a point, but I personally would prefer a well choreographed fire works show, but then again I am old and not easily impressed by athletic youngsters. And isn’t that what the home run derby is for, the outcome of which is much determined by which guy who should probably be playing in the NFL instead of MLB is best able to pick a batting practice pitcher most efficient at tossing him orange colored meatballs?

        Have you completely given up an a yearly contest between the best players of the me like ball go far American League and the feminine elitists of the National League?


        1. Yah! I ban lookin’ forward to thoss Real Baseball playerss give the Neandertallis a goot pussywhippin’ I am.


  4. I’m thankful it occurred now and not last season. Game 7 would have been in Chicago and Schwarber would have been on the bench. Amazingly, the home-field advantage for CLE actually worked in CHI’s favor. WOO!


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