Garrett Jones, Scott Mathieson re-signs with Yomiuri Giants

The NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) team Yomiuri Giants, of the Central league, will be retaining outfielder/infielder Garrett Jones, 35, and pitcher Scott Mathieson, 32, on one-year extensions, an announcement was made just today, according to the report.

The former Major leaguer, Garrett Jones, posted some solid offensive numbers in his first season playing in Japan, he finished his 2016 regular season campaign with the Giants owning a batting line of .258/.327/.486 with 24 homeruns (2nd in team category, just behind Shuichi Murata’s 25 HR) and 68 RBI in the year, they also made it to the Climax Series, but were ultimately eliminated against the Yokohama DeNA Baystars in the first stage.

Pitcher Scott Mathieson, also, posted some very solid numbers in the regular season with the Giants as the primary set-up man, with 41 holds, an 8-4 record, along with an earned run average of 2.36 in 70 games played (80 innings pitched) in his 5th year with the organization.

One thought on “Garrett Jones, Scott Mathieson re-signs with Yomiuri Giants

  1. Good to see former Feesh first baseman Garrett Jones has found his happy place.

    The Yomiuri Giants are the premier franchise of the NPB. You could think of them as the Nippon Borg if you like. Here’s their logo, their stadium – the Tokyo Dome – and the ravishingly beautiful Koishikawa-Korakuen Gardens adjacent to it. Gorgeous any time of year, the gardens are just ridiculously breathtaking in the fall.

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