Cuban star Alfredo Despaigne likely to stay in Japan

Cuban slugger, Alfredo Despaigne, 30, will most likely be staying to play in Japan for next season, and for other years to come. He has already expressed his desire to stay, and is likely to re-sign with the Chiba Lotte Marines on a record breaking deal, which is currently at 3-year/1.2 billion Yen (10.5 million USD), if it happens, Despaigne’s contract will be the highest ever deal handed out in franchise history, according to the report. Multiple NPB teams have also shown interest in signing him this off-season.

Alfredo Despaigne has posted pretty good numbers in his tenure in NPB. Playing for 3 years in Japan’s Ichi-gun (the country’s Major leagues), he currently owns a batting line of .277/.360/.497 with 54 homeruns and 187 RBI in 282 games played (1161 PA, along with 1010 AB), primarily as an outfielder. He finished his 2016 regular season campaign with a batting line of .280/.361/.480 with 24 homeruns and 92 RBI in 134 games played (570 PA, 496 AB) in the year… Despaigne has also garnered the interest of some Major league teams when he was still playing in Cuba, and even still now today.

One thought on “Cuban star Alfredo Despaigne likely to stay in Japan

  1. When the larval Godzilla in the recent Shin-Godzilla busted through the roof of the Bay Line highway, he severed the link to the east side of Tokyo Bay where the Chiba Lotte Marines play. This is the same franchise famously managed for several years by Bobby Valentine until he was ousted by corporate and team politics. Chiba also stars in William Gibson’s great science fiction Sprawl Trilogy (Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive) as the place where folks go to get their cyberdeck skull jacks implanted and undergo other various cybermods to their bods.

    Anyway, here are the logo and Chiba Marine Stadium on the shore of Tokyo Bay. For some reason, Godzilla always seems to come up on the western side, so the stadium has been spared his depredations.

    Another wimpy bird logo, much like the Fukuoka Canary, but this one is, I think, supposed to be a gull.

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