Kyle Jensen signs with Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

Free agent outfielder/1B, Kyle Jensen, 28, will be playing his next season in NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) with the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, of the Pacific league, an official announcement was made just today. Via link, the contract details for Jensen was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 78.4 million Yen (700,000 USD in annual salary) along with added incentives, he will also wear the jersey number 27, according to his team.

The RH hitter Kyle Jensen made his Major league debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks back in September 3 in the regular season of this year. He finished his 2016 campaign hitting .194/.265/.452 with 2 homeruns and 7 RBI in 17 games played (34 PA, to go along with 31 AB) in his big league career.

One thought on “Kyle Jensen signs with Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

  1. Ahhh, Fukuoka – home of the best yatai district of any red light zone in Japan! Jensen may not be able to hit his weight but he can go for a hot bath, a nice massage, a little horizontal entertainment and wind up his orf nights with some of the most scrumptious food in Kyushu:

    When we got done cruising these yakitori stands my son practically had to wheel me back to the hotel in a shopping cart. I was smiling all the way, though. Each one of these little stands has its fervent fans and they will give up their seats for a curious looking westerner just to convince him that their chef is the best in town. Amazing.
    Oh yeah, the team and stadium: here’s their logo:

    I grant you this looks more like a coal mine canary than a hawk – which, in Kyushu, makes sense because it’s the biggest coal producing island in Japan. Speaking of coal, though, the team might make more of an impression if its logo were just a tad more predacious looking. For example, here’s another iconic Kyushu aerial apex predator that’d show these guys mean business:

    Here’s the stadium, the Fukuoka (Yahoo!) Dome:

    This is a retractable dome, of course. From some angles it’s quite impressive. From ground level, though, it’s not a whole lot less ugly than that concrete mesolithic tumulus where the Razed play. The Tropicana Dome is so ugly that Tropicana once tried to sublet the naming rights to a chain of funeral homes.

    The Hawks have done quite well recently for all that, winning the Japan Series in 2003, 2011, 2014 and 2015, They have one of the most admired minor league systems in the NPB.

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