Roman Mendez signs with Hanshin Tigers

Roman Mendez, 26, will be playing his next season in NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), with the Hanshin Tigers of the Central league, an official announcement was made just today… Via link, the contract details for Mendez was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 75 million Yen (662,000 USD in annual salary).

The Dominican right-handed pitcher Roman Mendez played for 2 years there at the Major league level, spending most of his time with the Texas Rangers organization (Mendez was then claimed off waivers by the Boston Red Sox back in September 1, 2015). He currently owns a record of 0-2 with an earned run average of 3.09 in 45 games played (46.2 innings pitched) in his big league career.

5 thoughts on “Roman Mendez signs with Hanshin Tigers

  1. Well, at least the Tigers are showing more life in the orfseason than the Feesh. The locals are rumored to be targeting – oh the surprise! – a motley crew of reclamation projects, duffers and mediocrities for their rotation. Oh Buddha, I can hear the gears grinding already. Edinson Volquez? For the second time since November 8, I think I’m gonna be sick.

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