Pat Dean signs with KIA Tigers

Minnesota Twins left-handed pitcher, Pat Dean, 27, will be playing his next season with the KIA Tigers in the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization), an announcement was made just today. Via link, the contract details for Pat Dean was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 1.05 billion Won (900,000 USD in annual salary). He will replace now former KIA Tigers starting pitcher Zeke Spruill in the rotation for next season.

The southpaw pitcher Pat Dean made his Major league debut with the Minnesota Twins back in May 11th in the regular season of this year, starting against the Baltimore Orioles. He finished his 2016 regular season campaign posting a 1-6 record, and with an earned run average of 6.28 in 19 games played (9 games started, 67.1 innings pitched) in his big league career.

5 thoughts on “Pat Dean signs with KIA Tigers

  1. Hi Ren.

    How’s it going? Everything good? I’m hearing on Boston media that the Sox are actively pursuing a trade ( read; salary dump ) for the fat fuck panda. Trading that fuck is the only thing keeping me from sucking on the loud end of a gun! Worst year of my life and I am old. Come on 2017.

    The best parts of the fat panda salary dump? Rumor has it that SF is part of a three team deal. I don’t even care that Boston has to pay his salary, let SF remember why they let him go. I want him booed in SF while he’s on a stationary bike in first gear, while eating KFC right next to a scale. I want the whole Giants training staff to whip out calipers for the body fat measurement whilst also force feeding him McDonald dollar menu like you would for foie gras. Only with the press and photographs and with preteens throwing nickels at him and pointing and laughing.

    Only then will he know how much I hated this deal. He’s not going to have the excuse ” Oh, the Boston market is soooo mean ” and the Cali media will love me. Yes, let’s go back to SF panda. It’s not my fucking money and it is worth the rest of your contact for 2 scrubs and a lawnmower just for the chance to laugh at you when you eat yourself out of the last 2 years of your contact.

    Caveat. I do like him as a person, I like his personality and other than the fat shaming ( which I do apologize for fat shaming ) ( actually, I will Trump; apple -jize ) I’m sure if he was productive I would have a different opinion.

    However, I started hating this deal before we had fan interference. Long story short. …..

    Hi Ren. Love you buddy, thanks for reading my monthly rant ( or more likely, ” Fuuuuuuck! Shit! Slappy replied, did he just say Hi Ren? Nope, the asshole actually did one of his stupid rants. Oh well, I’ll just glance at it.”

    “Fuuuuuuck, he’s written more than a run on sentence, shit, I can’t read this, it makes no sense! Fuckit. I’ll just like it to be nice. ”

    Thanks Ren. I eat likes ,like the homeless know the best dumpster to get that day old bread . I am now nourished. Thanks for all you do my friend, I am impressed with your updates. Tell Ares to remind you how much your going to hate the Braves this year. Lol

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    • C’mon Ren, not even a ” How are you Slappy? Is the Tupper ware that I ordered even coming in? What about all the Amway cat fleece sweaters, and the pasta stretcher, and
      the left hand adjustable metric wrench. And my girlfriend wants to know why you sent four hair ties and a guitar pick instead of Lady Gaga pink nail polish! ”

      Well Ren, Occam Razor suggest that most likely I am insane and 9 out of 10 dentist would agree, How Fucking Ever, I have heard it on good authority that almost all rocket -surgery experts agree that I am not quite certifiable, but they mentioned that I fall in some kind of “spectrum ” so I am guessing that means that the world finally knows my genius.

      The spectrum Ren, the fucking spectrum, the eye doctor who gave me my heart transplant said that I was the coolest patient ever.

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