Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again, a time to consider the blessings in our lives and to think about what we can be thankful for.

This year, there’s being able to have seen the Cubs win a World Series in my lifetime. Also, I had the opportunity to see a truly creative and outstanding Broadway musical last week, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. It was incredible, and beautiful. I think that most women who go to the show expect to identify with Sonya or Natasha, but I was drawn to Pierre. He and I are kindred spirits, I think. It doesn’t help that I also am an admirer of Josh Groban, who played Pierre. Here’s Pierre’s monologue song, “Dust and Ashes” – I literally wept in my seat during this part. He might as well have been singing about me.

Otherwise, I really don’t have anything except the usual, which is being relatively healthy, not being homeless, and still being alive. I guess that’s better than the alternative.

If you are with family or friends this year, I hope you are able to smile and enjoy yourself. If you are alone, I hope that you are at peace with it. And for our international friends who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today, have a good day anyway. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. It’s time to celebrate Native American Extermination Day, when Americans of European ancestry and all the other citizens from other continents for whose presence we blazed the trail by annihilating twenty million natives get to celebrate the prosperity we’ve created on the lands we stole from them.

    This year, we ramped up the celebrations with water cannons in twenty degree evening temperatures. What we haven’t been able to finish orf with violence, starvation, we’re hoping to accomplish with pneumonia.

    Enjoy your turkeys with a clear conscience.

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    • Look what they are doing in N.D. ! Drinking water is now in jeopardy because president evil elect has a stake in it. Why is Obama letting this happen? They are turning on hoses in freezing temperatures and a protester may lose her arm because of a corporation thug squad with a lot of help from local and state police.

      But fucking Jobs Slappy! I’m guessing that those jobs run out after they’ve crossed the county line, never mind the state lines. How else can ” job creators ” legally say that they employed 5000 people with jobs? They neglect to tell you that 15 % were work a day shit that lasted all of six fucking weeks and the union ( if they employ union for any of this lunacy ) are employed by the company for 70% of their value, want to ensure that no one else has it as good!

      I am sorry that I picked your comment but it was relevant.

      I am very passionate about my opinions and I want you to listen to all of them at once because you can’t stop my typing.

      Sorry OG, no offense intended and I am not beneath groveling if you were offended.



    • If I drank, maybe. I think I’m going to maybe eat at Cracker Barrel today since I am alone for the holiday. For me, to be honest, it’s just another day. I struggled to find things to be thankful for.

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      • I was alone for the holiday too. My wife had to work and I had the first Thanksgiving off in years. Found out my brilliant sister voted for Trump when I called home.

        I would rather eat out of the fucking dumpster of a cracker barrel then to realize that the smartest person I know decided that a hateful, lying, sexual assaulter, projector of the worst fucking kind, ( literally look up anything he has ever said in a negative way, and he’s been PROVEN to be projecting ) wasn’t a fucking deal breaker for her because ” We gotta try something !”

        You have at fucking least the piece of mind to know that you didn’t have to sit with family and endure the shit that I am thankful for not having to endure. I am so pissed at my fucking sister. ….

        Well let’s just say that the Ikea tables and chairs she’s been coveting? Fuck no, that’s going to go to planned parenthood in Pence ‘ name once I get the 82 dollars on ebay!

        You were always my favorite for your stickudiousness, and I also love your passion for maybe the best “pitcher ” that ever lived. I am not religious, but I am a firm believer in karma. You’re many plusses to the good.

        Trust me. No matter how much you think life will fuck you, and it certainly will, just remember that there is always Powerball. The great equalizer! I recommend you do what I do and no more than 70% of your income should go to it.

        Ramen noodles and mud makes for great nourishing meals. You’re getting your daily allowance of floor spice, but also the magnesium and tetanus is free!

        Love you girl and if I made you smile, then I am glad I was a day late. Cheers for all you do while not wanting to always do it. Again, cheer up . You’re absolutely fucking awesome and I love you from afar forever and always.

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        • My niece(bless her little ADD/OCD heart) has already grown ( just for her favorite uncle) several plants, even though it will still be illegal to grow your own. But we shall spoof the system.

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    • When I had my soul sucking second job at a Retail Giant to be Named Later, I had to work on Thanksgiving. Because of when I had to be at the store, my then-in-laws decided that they wouldn’t host a dinner because “it would be too early”. So one year I had a frozen pizza for Thanksgiving dinner because my ex didn’t want to eat in a restaurant.

      To be honest, being alone is better than that.

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  2. Ahh, the good old U.S. of A…. where people spend one day being humbly thankful for all the blessings they have… then spend the next day trampling and elbowing strangers to buy something they don’t really need because it is on sale.

    Happy Turkey Leftovers Day (AKA Black Friday).

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