Orix Buffaloes struck an agreement with Stefan Romero

Update: It is official, the contract details for Stefan Romero was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 96.4 million Yen (850,000 USD), via link.

Stefen Romero Stefen Romero Pictures Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v

Stefan Romero with the Mariners.

Seattle Mariners outfielder (now former), Stefan Romero, 28, will be playing his next season with the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) Orix Buffaloes, of the Pacific league. Via link, an official announcement showing Romero’s contract details will soon be known in a few days when he arrives in Japan.

The right handed hitter Stefan Romero played for 3 seasons there at the Major league level, all of em are with the Seattle Mariners. He currently owns a batting line of .195/.242/.307, with 4 homeruns and 17 RBI in 94 games played (233 PA, to go along with 215 AB) in his big league career.

One thought on “Orix Buffaloes struck an agreement with Stefan Romero

  1. Sunday morning dawns crisp and clear – well, about as “crisp” (72 degrees F.) as a Macondo morning ever dawns. As I sit here drinking my traditional Sunday cup of shade-grown-in-volcanic-soil Galapagos coffee shipped to me at great expense from the green hills of San Cristobal Island, I ponder Ren’s indefatigable updates of the to-doings in Asian baseball. If no one else has said it lately, Ren, thanks so much for your gift of perspective on the international sabores of what we selfishly refer to here as our national pastime. What that one of our Latin American correspondents (Francisco! Smack! Wake up!) could make an avocation of filling us in in similar fashion on the disposition of the game in our southern adjacencies.

    Anyway, it occurs to me that as one of the few Anglos on Fan Interference who has attended a number of Japanese games and keeps loosely in touch with the sport back in the late Empire, I will this weenter offer my assistance to our Filipino bard in helping make Japanese baseball a little more familiar and real. I’m going to start by posting the logos and pictures of the stadiums where the teams mentioned by Ren play. As the orfseason progresses, I’ll add capsule histories of the teams themselves. I’ll also offer up a historical synopsis of how baseball took root in Japan (no, it wasn’t brought over by GIs after WWII) and how it has evolved there.

    So to begin: here’s the Orix Buffaloes logo:

    And here are the two stadiums (yep, they split their home games between Kobe and Osaka). First, the Kyocera (Osaka) Dome:

    Next, the Kobe Sports Park:

    The Buffaloes are a merged team, and inherited the stadiums of both. How that happened, we’ll save for the next opportunity to talk about the losingest team in Japanese sports franchise history. Yep. Really. Hint: the Cubs just pulled orf something this franchise has never been able to do.


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