Looking for a LHP? Derek Holland Wants to Talk To You.

The Texas Rangers decided to part ways with Derek Holland this offseason, and the veteran left handed pitcher is looking for a new team to entertain with his Harry Caray impression.

While he has stated that he would rather stay with Texas, there are other teams who have shown interest in him. Early rumors have the Padres, Yankees, and Pirates sending out feelers on Holland.

Dutchie might be a left handed pitcher, but he has been on the decline. His only healthy period was from 2011-2013, and the ’13 season was his only significantly good one. Holland’s lifetime ERA hovers around 4.35, and he is injury prone to boot. However, a team who is desperate for a left handed pitcher in their stable might be willing to give out a short term deal to a man who is still only 3o years old.

Holland wants a spot as a starter, which makes the Padres and Pirates seem like a possible fit. San Diego, especially, might be more attractive to Dutchie, as they have a thin starting rotation and very few guaranteed contracts for 2017. He might be able to get a one year deal from them if the market continues to be weak for him.

As always, your thoughts below. Would you want your team to take a flyer on Holland for a year? Where do you think he’ll end up?

2 thoughts on “Looking for a LHP? Derek Holland Wants to Talk To You.

  1. Looks like exactly the kind of free agent the Feesh would love – mediocre, low cost, unburdened by a QO and just oh so ready for a bounceback season, like a sack of flubber.

    Meanwhile, the Rangers look like they’re about to sign Andrew Cashner. Hahahahahahahah…savor the irony. They had a niche for a mediocrity, so they’re gonna try switching a lefty for a righty.


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