The Stove Tonight is Hot and Bright Deep In the Heart of Texas

The Houston Astros have made some big moves this evening.

Reddick adds a pop in the lineup and strong defensive skills in the outfield for Houston.

As I reported earlier, the Astros’ main catcher, Jason Castro, was on the Top 25 Free Agents to Watch List. Looks like the Astros have decided that they didn’t want to entertain the thought of talking to him because they signed one of the best framing catchers in the league, Brian McCann. Houston will be paying for most of McCann’s remaining salary, while New York receives two pitching prospects who routinely throw 95 MPH. In the case of Guzman, he has hit 103 MPH on radar several times. However, both Abreu and Guzman are young and sometimes wild, so it will be interesting to see what develops.

5 thoughts on “The Stove Tonight is Hot and Bright Deep In the Heart of Texas

    1. We all like to imagine that our players on our teams are classy, reasonable paragons of good taste and community leadership.

      But really, we want them to kick butt on the field. The Hell with the rest of that stuff. Castro is also noteworthy for his framing and intelligence as a catcher. But he is also an average defender, a below-average arm, and a Mendoza-level hitter. The Astros gave up a #7 organizational prospect and a #30+, both early on their development curves, plus a commodity they need to invest more of – money. I am now a rabid fan – for two years – of asshole McCann.

      As to Reddick, well you’re not exactly signing Mike Trout. But again, they put some money where their mouths were, and last season the Astros’ outfield was Springer and two palookas. And Reddick is at least likely to provide a little more contact.

      To stay up with the Texans, they should probably still be in the market for a Sale/Archer level pitcher and they need to resolve first base. You’re not through yet, Luhnow. Kris Bryant just won the MVP! What have you done for us lately??


        1. Why not re-watch Lone Star: “If you want to see what a real Texan looks like, go down to Del Rio and take a look at Sheriff Buddy Deeds.”

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