He Said, She Said – Your Cy Young Winners Are…

Your 2016 winners are…


Scherzer also won with the Tigers in 2013 and is the sixth pitcher to win a Cy Young Award in both leagues.

Justin Verlander received 14 first place votes, and Porcello received 8. Corey Kluber finished third in the voting, and Zach Britton finished fourth. Fun fact – Britton received more first place votes than Kluber did.


Scouts: This year’s voting was an absolute shit show.  I was able to correctly predict that most of the writers are morons who love shiny objects and would vote for both Scherzer and Porcello mostly due to having better W/L records. Scherzer was good, but Hendricks really deserved it.  But he didn’t have the strikeouts or the wins, so that was a pretty easy one to see coming.  And since the AL was so weak-sauce, Porcello won it off the back of his win total.  Hell, he won it and didn’t even receive the most first place votes!  What the fuck is that all about?

Let’s take a look at the final tally shall we?

We already knew that things were jacked up when Britton (who had a strong case for winning) didn’t even make it as a finalist.  Now that we see the awards, it’s clear the writers have no clue what the hell they are doing.  Porcello won the entire thing despite receiving primarily second place votes.  The writers very clearly wen tout of their way to make sure that Britton didn’t make the cut by assigning him a ton of 5th place votes yet he still received more first place votes than Kluber.  (Really!?)

Apparently Kate Upton was less than thrilled about the voting herself.

Can we please get Zach Britton’s significant other to weigh in?  PLEASE?

Then we head over to the NL side and we see that the writers pretty much all believe that Max deserved to be first and Jon Lester belonged in second. They were wrong.

Jose Fernandez ended up in 7th with 1 second place vote, one 3rd, one 4th, and nine 5th place votes.

Prof:  To remind you, this year’s finalists were:

National League:
Max Scherzer, Washington
Jon Lester, Chicago
Kyle Hendricks, Chicago

American League:
Justin Verlander, Detroit
Rick Porcello, Boston
Corey Kluber, Cleveland

And our picks for winners were:

Prof:  Kyle Hendricks, Corey Kluber
Scout: Kyle Hendricks, Zacy Britton

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Your Cy Young Winners Are…

  1. Well, it’s not like the Porcello choice was a travesty, even if the system is a mess and, apparently, spawrtsriters from the Tampa area are an even bigger bunch of cretins than the ones from Macondo. That will take some pondering, let me tell you.

    As a rule I am allergic to glam in all its vapid, empty forms and ignore with a studied effortlessness all of its icons, but Kate Upton just won my undying admiration for that great tweet:


    1. One could speculate that a lot more votes would have been available if the offer of intercourse was with Kate rather than Justin.


  2. Man, the voting sucked, but voting based on these opinions wouldn’t have been any better.

    A vote for Hendricks is giving him an award for the contributions of his defense, not unlike Lester. Both benefited from pitching in front of an historically great defense, fewer runs allowed, fewer pitches thrown, and more innings thrown.

    It is pretty easy to argue that Britton wasn’t even the best reliever in the AL this past year, the luckiest, sure, but does anyone expect him to keep out performing his peripherals by that much? Of course not. Reliever samples are pretty small, so using something like ERA (which, again, doesn’t belong to a pitcher, but to the pitcher, his defense, the official scorer, and those that pitch before and after you) to evaluate 60-something innings will lead to bad conclusions. If you think Britton should have received more support…then so should Miller and Betances, each of whom threw more innings and pitched better. Britton actually pitched better in 2015 than in 2016, more Ks, fewer BBs, same GB rate….he just got super BABIP lucky this year over a small sample.

    The NL voting was bad because the best pitcher in the league finished 8th, the 2nd or 3rd best guy (depending on if you ignore Kershaw) won. The AL voting was just weird, with some guys clearly not paying attention to teams outside the division of hte team they cover….and with Tampa having the dumbest voters ever….one guy submitted his ballot two week before the season ended….the other covers more than just baseball and hasn’t written a story about baseball since August.


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