He Said, She Said – Rookie of the Year Recaps

Prof:  Well, it’s time for another breakdown of our breakdowns. Let’s see who my colleague and I picked for our Rookie of the Year candidates and our choice for winners.

Prof –
American League:
Tyler Naquin, Gary Sanchez, and Michael Fulmer
My choice – Gary Sanchez
National League:
Corey Seager, Steven Matz, and Trevor Story
My choice – Corey Seager

Scout –
American League: Gary Sanchez, Michael Fulmer, and Tyler Naquin
Scout’s Choice – Michael Fulmer
National League:
Corey Seager, Trevor Story, Aledmys Diaz, and Steven Matz
Scout’s choice – Trevor Story

Here’s how the BBWAA voted. Their candidates were:

National League – Corey Seager, Kenta Maeda, and Trea Turner.

American League – Michael Fulmer, Gary Sanchez, and Tyler Naquin.

Looks like Scout and I were both 1-2. He correctly chose the AL player and I correctly chose the NL player. Appropriate, though.

Scout: I am actually surprised that Michael Fulmer won this award, but it goes to show how much service time affects this award as I thought the Yankee would have it in the bag.  It makes it really difficult to compare a guy who’s played just two months vs a guy who’s been up for 5.  I am sort of surprised that my NL pick Trevor Story didn’t even make the final three. Kenta Maeda is an interesting choice, but I wonder if he didn’t get the nod here due to his team making the playoffs.  I’m not really sure how I missed Trea Turner, as he really did deserve to finish in the top three here.

Manager of the Year awards will be announced tonight, but I have to wonder.  How many people really care about that one?

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Rookie of the Year Recaps

  1. Manager of the Year is pretty much a joke award. The main jobs of the Manager are to try not to bungle his bullpen too badly and otherwise stay out of the way of his playing talent. As the old saying goes, “Babysitting millionaires.”

    Witness Joe Maddon, and acknowledged manager of considerable skills, completely bungle game seven of the World Series. But the Cubs came back and won, so he escapes the bullets for a while longer. And I remember Giants’ fans this year complaining that Bruce Bochy had no idea how to manage a pitching staff. Bruce Bochy????? I guess all those other years he was just lucky.

    It just goes to show. The Manager is only as good as his latest team performance.


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