Feesh Want to Build El Keed a Memorial at Macondo Banana Massacre Field

Details are scarce, but the factotems of the Feesh front orifice have announced their intentions to build some sort of memorial to the late Jose Fernandez at Macondo Banana Massacre Field.

Prior to release of the police toxicology reports a couple of weeks ago revealing El Keed was above the legal blood limit for alcohol and had cocaine in his system, this would have been a no-brainer. Now, though, there’s going to be some pushback from folks who feel, with no little justification, that a coked-up Fernandez who handed control of his boat over to another drunk and got himself and two friends killed in the process doesn’t deserve any further honors. I’ve read and heard it said, on local spawrts tork raydeeo, that the retirement of his uniform number is quite enough of an honor for him, thank you very much. I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the argument.

On the other hand, I’m also not ready to evaluate a remarkable life, and a life well spent up to that terrible final early morning, on the basis of its last few hours. We also need to weigh in addition to his baseball accomplishments Fernandez’ indomitable will in the face of Cuban fascism, heroism at sea, assimilation into a new country and culture, triumph over injury, extensive philanthropic work on behalf of research into childhood cancer and care for its victims, among other causes.

It’s a discussion worth having. Me, I’m OK with the memorial as long as it takes into account both the pros and cons, and sends a message not only of honor but of caution. That’s a neat trick. I’m not sure I think Scrooge McLoria is the one who can pull it orf, though.


20 thoughts on “Feesh Want to Build El Keed a Memorial at Macondo Banana Massacre Field

  1. Setting aside the question of whether Fernandez is statue worthy, would you find it difficult to compile a statue worthy list of former Marlin stars, given the relative youthfulness of the franchise?

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  2. Totally off topic or maybe not:

    We also need to weigh in addition to his baseball accomplishments Fernandez’ indomitable will in the face of Cuban fascism, heroism at sea, assimilation into a new country and culture, triumph over injury, extensive philanthropic work on behalf of research into childhood cancer and care for its victims, among other causes.

    Last I read Clinton is leading Trump by about 700,000 votes in the final vote count nation wide. There are about six million absentee votes left to be counted in California and New York, where she won by about a 2 -1 margin. Do the math and you discover that in the final vote count coming in the coming weeks she will have won the nation wide vote count by between 2 and 2 1/2 million votes. That is approximately the entire population of the entire twins cities population. I consider that to be significant.

    There is a petition at https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19 which argues that since Trump is obviously unfit to be the commander and chief of the most physically powerful nation state that has ever existed on this big rock we all live on, and that since his opponent received a significantly larger number of votes then him, that the actual human beings comprising this election cycle’s electoral college, are constitutionally empowered, and morally required, to deny him the potentially democracy destroying – potentially human species destroying, powers of the modern American presidency.

    I signed the petition and gave them 50 bucks to promote the petition. Of course this will probably not change the electoral outcome, but while I have been typing this the number of signatures to the petition has grown by about 7000. It now stands at 4,197,705 since it was put up a few days ago. It is now 11/13. the electoral college votes on 12/19. If we can get the number of signatures to I dunno maybe 25 or 50 million by then CNN might give it a few minutes of air time, and maybe we can whack him in the knees before he starts running.

    When it was on the line, when it really mattered, did you do all that you could?


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  3. Funny how people were all over Trump when he said he might not accept the results of the election, but now that the shoe is on the other foot it’s OK to try and change the results.

    There are also plenty of people that would argue that Clinton is obviously unfit to be President (unfit being different than unqualified). The Democratic party needed to come to grips with the fact they screwed themselves when they worked behind the scenes to anoint Hillary rather than giving Sanders a fair chance.

    So Hillary has the popular vote lead by 700,000. She leads the Cal vote by 2.7 million and the NY vote by 1.5 million. Leaving out those 2 states that means Trump is ahead in popular vote by 3.5 million. I realize you can cherry pick numbers to make them say anything you want, but I think to ignore the will of the majority in the majority of the country is not right either. Neither Clinton or Trump received at least 50% of the total vote so more than half the country didn’t want either of them to be President.

    Let’s look at the election as a World Series and each state is a game. Trump won more games (states) but Clinton scored more runs (popular vote). The Cubs & Indians both scored a total of 27 runs, but if Cleveland had scored 1 more run in one of the games would you be arguing that the Indians won the World Series by virtue of scoring more total runs?


    • That’s a poor analogy. Here’s a better one: look at the popular vote as number of games won, and individual 3 game series as states. For the US you win the season if you won the most series. In the end Cilnton won the most games but didn’t win enough enough series. Most of the series she won by sweeping while losing too many series 2-1. (That’s an imperfect comparison but points out the pros-cons of an electoral college better).


      • Well, from another point of view, the electoral college worked precisely as it was originally intended to, as a hedge against letting large states with big urban populations irremediably dominate small states and rural or small town populations.

        Whereas it’s hard for me to be sympathetic to Bernie Sanders, who lost the nomination by nearly four million votes and can’t whine about a rigged process, neither can Hillary can blame Comey for a mess she made herself.


      • The electoral college was designed to protect against popular whims and democracy. Yes, it worked beautifully. Restrictions on electors were introduced years ago to assure that the will of the people was followed. The problem is, our system was designed for a nation that no longer exists. As an elitist agrarian-focused mechanism, it cannot be a tool of democracy.


        • That’s because Trump is an egomaniacal ignoramus with a second grader’s grasp of American political history. Naturally, he called a system which enabled his victory disastrous before it helped him win, and if he weren’t so hopelessly capricious I might predict that now he’ll fight fang and claw to preserve it.

          As far as the electoral college, the United States was never established as a pure democracy, but as a representative republic. In addition to its function as a bulwark against tyrranies of the majority, the college was also established to protect the republican system of government from decaying into a mere democracy. That’s one major reason why plebiscites are such rare legislative occurrences here.

          Trump isn’t about to infect the executive branch merely because of the electoral college. The unfathomable ineptitude of the Democratic Party campaign machinery and Hillary Clinton’s dopey use of a personal server for official emails, not to mention her hapless inability to inspire American voters is much more to blame.


    • The rules of baseball explicitly state that the team that gets the most runs wins the game and that the team that wins four games wins the world series. The constitution only states that each state shall select a number of electors equal to their number of representatives in congress and the senate and that those electors will convene and elect the president and vice president. the states may choose any method they want of selecting those electors (they were initially selected by the state legislatures), but once selected an individual elector may vote for Donald Duck if they want to and there has been a number of electors through the years who have refused to vote for the winner of their state.

      Trump was threatening to dispute the integrity of the vote count. I’m proposing the exercise of a perfectly legal and constitutional option. The practice of awarding all a states electors to the top vote getter in that state is only a custom (not followed by Nebraska and Vermont) and is a very bad one which results in the campaigns mostly ignoring all the states except the ten to fifteen so called swing states.

      Of course our political discourse is so warped that absent a miracle this has no chance of success, but should it grow enough it might attract enough attention to increase the awareness of the vast majority of Americans who are probably not even aware that Clinton got more votes thus destroying the notion that Trump has any sort of mandate. Most importantly this dangerous demagogue must be weakened as much as possible before he starts doing things which must be stopped in the name of the constitution


        • The problem is that many states have restrictions requiring electors to vote as the results dictate. They don’t have freedom of conscience.


        • Most of those restrictions are toothless, involving no punishment or just a fine. Additionally, the electors would be able to argue that since the constitution effectively says they can vote for anybody they want, that any state law punishing them for exercising that right is unconstitutional.

          current petition count: 4,365,465. It looks to be getting about 10,000 signatures an hour. Have you signed yet?


  4. In times like these I appreciate the nuanced and reasoned responses from those like our friend Old Gator. Generally, on so many issues, there’s so much we don’t know yet we tend to pick sides anyway. This is a good example of a “why don’t we wait and see?” approach, which is quite refreshing.


  5. There would be absolutely nothing wrong constitutionally with changing the electoral college vote to favor Clinton. You can’t sway it to anyone else because if the election goes to the House, the Republicans have 30 delegations at last count. At least 26 will go to Trump. So you can only move the plurality to Clinton.

    While it is constitutionally acceptable, it would be Pyrrhic for Clinton or any rational hope of governance in this country for the next four years. It might have worked for Gore over Bush, but these are different times.

    In other words, it would be our worst nightmare – worse than Trump.


    • Either way there will be no rationale governance of this country for the next four years. The question is, will there be irreversible destructive governance of this country for the next four years.

      There is no worst nightmare than then then the worst nightmare of Trump.


      • You could convincingly argue – if you wanted to do the homework – that Trump is merely the end product of the G W Bush disaster, as gangrene is the eventual consequence of a wound gone septic, delayed unnaturally by the intercession of the Obama presidency.


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