Your Finalists for Awards Are…

You can see how well Scout and I did with our picks here. Who did the BBWAA choose for your top three in each category?


  • Kris Bryant
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Corey Seager


  • Jose Altuve
  • Mike Trout
  • Mookie Betts

NL Cy Young:

  • Kyle Hendricks
  • Jon Lester
  • Max Scherzer

AL Cy Young:

  • Justin Verlander
  • Rick Porcello
  • Corey Kluber

NL Manager of the Year: – Note: We did not choose Managers of the Year in our previous post. Not sure who Scout chooses, but for me, it’s Dave Roberts.

  • Joe Maddon
  • Dusty Baker
  • Dave Roberts

AL Manager of the Year:Note: We did not choose Managers of the Year in our previous post. Not sure who Scout chooses, but for me, it’s Terry Francona.

  • Jeff Banister
  • Terry Francona
  • Buck Showalter

NL Rookie of the Year:

  • Kenta Maeda
  • Corey Seager
  • Trea Turner

AL Rookie of the Year:

  • Michael Fulmer
  • Tyler Naquin
  • Gary Sanchez

Will Corey Seager pull off the impossible and be a modern day Ichiro, winning Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same year? Hint: No. But props to the Dodgers’ phenom for being nominated!

One thought on “Your Finalists for Awards Are…

  1. I know I’m biased or whatever, but Zach Britton not even making the top three causes me to lose complete respect for this entire procedure. The awards have long been a hot mess, but this is the breaking point for me. Shocked they got that so wrong, but managed not to fuck up Mike Trout. I could care less about manager of the year, because it’s not given to the best manager, it’s given to the team that exceeded expectations, usually expectations of only those writers that voted. Congratulations! You were wrong. It’s not that you are bad at your job, it’s that they were really good. And you didn’t see it coming or something. If I had to vote, I’d say Francona for his use of Miller out of the bullpen, and getting people to notice that the best pitcher isn’t bound by law to pitch the 9th inning. Dave Roberts for the NL I guess, because that team didn’t completely fall apart when they lost 500 starting pitchers. Of course it helped that they had the resources to replace all those pitchers where everyone else would have had to suck it up. Maddon may win the award, but that doesn’t really seem fair since they had such a leg up all year long. Good for them they didn’t blow it I guesss?


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