Where the Hell is George Will Hiding? A Book Recommendation of Sorts

I have been saving my recently acquired copy of George F. Will’s new book, an ode to Wrigley Field and the history of the Cubs, until the end of the World Series so I could curl up with it, accompanied by a steaming cup of shade-grown-in-volcanic-soil-Galapagos-Arabica coffee, and read it in the warmth of the five-degree field any resolution of the Series would have entrailed. I’m pleased to report that the book is, like his Men at Work and Bunts, another stunning example of what baseball writing can be at its best – unlike, say, Scrooge McLoria’s misbegotten What’s it All About, Charlie Brown.

Incidentally, though, if you ever thought George F. Will, conservative pundit, has personality traits in common with Harry Lime, confidence man, here’s your long-awaited confirmation:

For decades Will, Reslugnican ideological murenger deluxe yet also author of one of this gravity-defyingly leftist correspondent’s most beloved baseball books (the aforementioned Men at Work),  since August shouldered rudely aside by Trump’s illiterate rabble (it’s hard to be persuaded by literate propaganda when you can barely read in the first place) and patiently (if bitterly) biding his time while waiting for Hair Hitler to go down in ignominy, has for years trumpeted his fanship for the Chicago Cubs, couched in all but Shakespearean tragic terms. As he noted in a brief interview with Ken Burns in his classic baseball teledocumentary, growing up in the Champaign-Urbana region of central Illinois one had the choice of being a Cubs or Cardinals fan. “My friends were Cardinals fans and they grew up happy and liberal,” Will noted. “I was a Cubs fan and I grew up bitter and conservative.”

Well, I guess that explains it. Lonliness. Isolation. Peer pissoir. One wonders what he must have thought watching fellow Cubs fan, the heathenishly left or mercenarily mere right-center (depending on whether you were a Bernie’s Baby) Hillary Clinton, exulting at the final out on during a campaign stop:

So we know how Hillary felt. But, George….? It’s now five whole days since the angelus tilted orf its axis and not a peep about the subject from George. Not a peep.

George! Where are you man? Still in shock? The words won’t come. Come on, your fans want to know how you feel about the leaching away of the tragic element in your consciousness. Speak, George!

9 thoughts on “Where the Hell is George Will Hiding? A Book Recommendation of Sorts

  1. He is also experiencing for him the surreal sensation of hoping that Hillary Clinton becomes president (rather than Trump). That along with the devolvement of his Cubbies, leads me to regard him as still lovable, for a little while longer.

    It’s okay George, take your time, we understand.


    • Unlike me, I don’t think George has a hangover to melt off each morning (by incoming babies in need of care) every morning. But he is a father of a son, that I can attest to you from personal experience, he loves more than himself, who is severely cogitatively impaired.

      George Will, like me, may not know much, but after reading his essays for the last 30 years or so I know that he knows that love is the law of life.

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      • He has a Downs Syndrome son and he writes about him often – especially about his love and knowledge of baseball. His son is rather less severely impaired than many other Downs people. But yeah, his love for his son is palpable in his writing.

        Unfortunately, he also universalizes his experience with his own family and situation to wield against less fortunate women who choose to abort the Downs fetuses they carry – children they won’t be able to support or afford the required care, unlike the Wills. That gets old after awile.


        • I didn’t think that you had any malicious intent. I just figured that you were having some fun and it reminded me about what I like about George Will. My response was not meant to be against you. That said, Gator is right, George has no clue about those who sweat making not the mortgage payment, but the rent payment by the first of every month.

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