Gearing Up For Hot Stove

There’s been a few small things happening on the Hot Stove market, but nothing too terribly exciting. It’s a bit early for the big news to begin, especially when players are still in their early negotiations with clubs in regards to Free Agency, etc.

I’m currently working on a list, which will of course be updated, of each team, their pending FAs, and what they might need for next season. Hopefully I will have it posted sometime this week.

In the meantime, feel free to use the comment section of this post to discuss what YOUR teams needs are, who you think are not long for your club’s fair shores, and who you think they might get (good or bad).

11 thoughts on “Gearing Up For Hot Stove

    • Coda: the Feesh just hired Fat Fredi Gonzalez as a coach, thereby dropping the collective IQ of the staph by about eleven points (and that’s without averaging in the two slots vacated by Bonds and Harris). Moreover, the Feesh web site is already discussing how they’re going to “grow their young core,” which is another way of saying that they won’t be spending much money this orfseason. They certainly won’t be spending Cespedes-type money. Look for the mostly same team next season, minus El Keed’s 16 wins. Owwwww.


  1. Looking over some of the early lists, I worry that this off-season will be mild at best. It seems most free agents specifically went out of their way to avoid this off-season what with the collective bargaining agreement expiring this off-season. I can think of off-hand maybe 4 people that I have decent interest in, Mark Trumbo and Yoenis Cespedes being the top two.


  2. The Nats needs:

    Fix whatever was ailing Bryce Harper.
    Figure out how to get something out of Ryan Zimmerman for the next three years, because otherwise he’s just a thinner, younger Ryan Howard.
    Figure out if they can keep Strasburg healthy for a full year.
    Closer. Do they go hard after Jansen or Chapman, try to re-sign Melancon (who should be less expensive than those two), or promote from within? I hope they re-sign Melancon, personally.
    CF/Shortstop. Lots of moving parts on this one, all dependent on where they want Trea Turner to play. I can’t see them picking up Revere’s option, I don’t think Goodwin is ready to be a regular, and I think Michael A. Taylor has missed his opportunity, but that doesn’t mean Turner’s destined for CF. They could go after an OF and move Harper to CF if need be, move Turner to SS, and see if anyone will take Espinosa in a trade. There’s been some wishcasting here about seeing if they could lure Ian Desmond back to play CF, although the reality of his 2nd half stats have dampened that idea in some circles. I hope they take the money that they don’t spend on Jansen or Chapman and sign a reliable OF bat here.
    Catcher. Wilson Ramos is a free agent, and he could conceivably get a qualifying offer, but the risk in doing that is that he’d take it. He won’t be ready to play till May or June at the earliest, and may not be able to catch full-time even then. Pedro Severino looked good in limited action in late September and the post-season, but he’s young and probably not ready to be a full-time starter. Jose Lobaton’s great with the glove, mediocre at best with the bat. If the Nats can fix Harper and Zimmerman and get an impact bat for the OF, they could theoretically live with Severino and Lobaton here.
    Fifth Starter. The Nats picked up Gio’s option for $12 million, which is reasonable these days, and he projects to be one of their top four if Strasburg is healthy, so it’s really just figuring out who gets the regular turn at number five with this team, unless they decide to trade Gio.

    Overall, it’s not a roster with a lot of holes, so if they can get people to take their money, they should be in good shape for 2017.


    • By now it’s become a truism about the Gnats; they always contend, always seem to make the postseason, and then suddenly forget how to play competitive baseball. If Rizzo can make some smart moves without demoralizing his key players as he usually does, maybe they can avoid triggering their subconscious bouncing Betties again next season.


      • I don’t accept your premise, Gator; there was nothing about the Nats’ performance in the NLDS that could reasonably be termed “non-competitive”.

        I’ll grant you that they shit the bed on offense in 2014, scoring only nine runs against the Giants (although yielding only nine during that same series), and they choked away game 5 in 2012, but they had the tying and winning runs on base with one out in the bottom of the 9th of game 5 this year, and I don’t see how a team can be much more competitive while losing a series.


  3. The Rays ( whom I get to watch the most of ,territories being what they are ) need to somehow find a catcher who can provide at least above-average offense, They also need a corner outfielder who can hit well. Being as how they won’t spend big bucks for FA’s, they will have to acquire them through trades. Fortunately, they have lots of pitching with which to tempt some unwary team. Odorizzi and Smylyare the two names that come up most often for consideration, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Andriese dangled bigly either.


  4. The Tigers need to find a way to bundle the contracts of Pelfrey, Sanchez, VMart & Upton with some young minor league suspects in exchange for some slightly used shower shoes, kind of like how banks bundled bad loans and sold them as mortgage backed securities.

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