The Vulture Report: Epilogue 2016

Lost in all the hoopla, celebration, agony, post-mortems of the World Series in the wake of the Cubs Victory… I still can’t believe no one has mentioned that *gasp*…

Aroldis Chapman Vultured the World Series!

Considering the use and abuse that Joe Maddon has inflicted on Chapman, it’s not a surprise that he has this postseason’s only vultures. (We covered the previous one) Everyone saw the game (and if you didn’t you have no soul and are hopeless) so I don’t need to recap every single pitch, just point out that every time after the third inning when Cleveland sniffed first base, Joe Maddon felt the need to come out and bring another pitcher. Even when the current one was dealing and mostly cruising.

Joe Maddon redefined the term “overmanaging” in this game. But he had the clubhouse in his pocket. Papa Joe had gotten them to the World Series so they were not about to revolt and protest his decisions. Even if Baez knew better than to try to bunt with a man on third, one out and two strikes on an infield playing in for GODS SAKE! It’s like Indiana Jones taking that fateful step in the Last Crusade over the magical bridge even when all of his senses were screaming that he was going to fall. The difference here of course is that Baez fell into the abyss instead of stepping on something solid like Jones.

Hendricks came out in favor of Lester despite a manageable pitch count and mostly keeping the Cleveland lineup in check. In turn, Lester came out in favor of Chapman despite the fact that he got into a rhythm, had a good handle on things and was working with a 3 run lead.

This time Joe went to the well just one time too many and Chapman immediately gave up an RBI double. We all know what happened next:

I’m fairly sure this is when Prof suffered a seizure and went into a coma. Most Cub fans probably felt like Westley in the Princess Bride when Humperdink set the machine to 50. Unlike previous postseason’s appearances the Cubs would overcome adversity and rise from the ashes of the blown save to give Aroldis the most important vulture of his career.

Lord Chapman… Rise!!!!

12 thoughts on “The Vulture Report: Epilogue 2016

  1. When my mom said he shouldn’t get the win, I thought of you. Congrats. I, on the other hand, was cheated of an HBPID. We came so close…


    1. You really, really need to see a mental health care professional about your obsession with HBPIDs.
      You know I love you, and this is just for your own benefit.


      1. I just Googeled HBPID and Histro’s posts here were the second and third links returned. Fame can do strange things to people.


        1. I might be able to help in that regard. I have a counter program I used when counting down Maddux’s induction into the Hall of Fame that I used on my private journal, and it may possibly work here at FI. I’ll see if it might work.


  2. Still can’t believe Chapman got through the bottom of the 9th 1 – 2 – 3 against the top of the Indians line up with that limp noodle hanging from his left shoulder. I thought for sure the Indians were going to have a walk off series win.


    1. That limp noodle was still firing in the 96-98 MPH range which is still pretty good. It’s just that it’s terribly pedestrian for Chapman and for him if he’s throwing at those speeds ball movement is probably nil or flat. But yeah he went from other-worldy to hittable. But your lineup still needs to execute, it’s not like he’s going to groove one.


  3. Hey, FC 🙂 I was holding out on the Vulture because that’s YOUR gig. LOL And yes, I did suffer about fifteen heart attacks, a stroke, twelve panic attacks, and a red-eyed fit of rage over Chapman, or as I called him all Series long, Chapelbon. My god, that was too much for my poor heart to handle.

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