Futility Erased in a Dead Century

It is 1:43 am. I have been crying for almost an hour now, and I can’t stop.

Tonight, for the first time in a century, the Chicago Cubs are World Champions.


The hows and whys will be discussed for years, maybe for the rest of our lives. This series was truly magnificent. Everything that you would want in a World Series matchup. No matter who won, shackles would have been released on a fanbase who were sick and tired of being downtrodden underdogs, sick of being laughing stocks. Sick of being just good enough.

Many times the fanbase identifies with the franchise. We take on its baggage as our own. For Cub fans, we spent a century trying to be hopeful, trying to be optimistic, but knowing that it was another year of of a fruitless harvest. Failure was our lot in life. We would be good, but not good enough.

No more.

We are champions. The team won, but we won, too.

The old ladies and old men who lived their whole lives thinking they might never see this day. The seriously ill or dying people who take strength from their team. The kids in the hospital who idolize their favorite players who come to visit, who hug them and treat them like a friend. The people who feel broken down by life, who see the Cubs winning as something good to hold onto. The families who will make the trip to gravesites tomorrow with copies of the paper.

“We did it, Grandpa.”

“We won, Nana.”

“The Cubs are winners, Uncle Joe.”

We are champions, all of us.

108 years have gone by since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series, but tonight, that burden was lifted. That was erased, washed away by rain and the unleashing of a million tears of joy and release. And like the ivy that covers the outfield wall, we’ll come back, strong, deeply rooted in Wrigley, in the Cubs. We don’t have to say “Wait ’til next year” anymore. We don’t have to sing about someday going all the way.

Someday is now.

5 thoughts on “Futility Erased in a Dead Century

  1. I missed my OJT for the first time just to witness this majestic history… I don’t even care if I get yelled at tomorrow. Skipping it was DEFINITELY worth it.


  2. Beautiful words, Prof, well said. To you and to Cubs fans everywhere, congratulations! Job done, curse duly lifted. Wow, what a game!


  3. Congrats to all the long suffering Cubs fans. Also, congrats to baseball fans everywhere on getting a memorable game 7. When you don’t really have a true rooting interest in the game, all you really want is a great game with a lot of tension.

    The forecast in Hades today is for an extreme cold front to move in for an extended period. Lucifer was seen shopping on the North Face website early this morning.

    LeBron, you can go back to wearing your Yankees hat now.

    For a supposed brilliant manager, Maddon made some really questionable moves the last couple games with using Chapman with a big lead in game 6 which left him pretty flat last night and pulling Hendricks so early. I thought for sure the Indians were going to win in the bottom of the 9th with the top of the order up and Chapman on the mound again. Props to him for getting through that after the disaster of the 8th. On the other hand, Miller was well rested for the Indians and looked nothing like his usual self. Baseball just never seems to make sense.

    Wish we could have turned the clocks back an hour last night instead of having to wait for the weekend. I could really use that extra hour right now.

    I’m glad I found this blog during the summer. It was good to see commentary from so many familiar names that had disappeared from the corporate redesign failure site. Thanks for all your work to Prof, Scout, Inda, OG, FC, Ren and my fellow Tiger fan Historio. Apologies if I missed any regular contributors.

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