He Said, She Said – World Series Game 5 Recap

Prof:  Friends, I just finished crying about ten minutes ago. I just saw something I never actually thought I’d see in my lifetime – a Cubs win, in the World Series, at Wrigley Field.

Even if the Cubs end up losing the Series, my god, you can never take this away from me.

Let’s start from the beginning, though. Jon Lester and Trevor Bauer were engaged in a bit of a pitcher’s duel from the start. While Lester was very good, in the first couple of innings I actually would have given the nod to Bauer. Lester gave up a solo home run and I immediately screamed, “Goddammit!” and saw watery visions of Hell flashing before my eyes.

Then the fourth inning happened.

kris_byrant_smileyThe fourth inning started out with the Cubs faithful (and yes, we are faithful even when we are pessimistic; those of you who are fans of franchises who continually find new and unique ways to let you down know exactly what I’m saying) praying to Jobu for help. And help arrived in the guise of the beautiful, talented Kris Bryant, third baseman, probable NL MVP, and Express Men clothing model.

KB hit a home run off of Bauer that pumped life into the crowd at Wrigley, and also to me here somewhere on the East Coast.


Next up to bat was Anthony Rizzo, who was THISclose to a home run of his own, but legged out a double. Big boy can hustle when he needs to.

An angel appeared in the form of Ben Zobrist, who hit a single and moved Rizz over to third. Addy Russell reached on an infield single, Rizzo scored, and Zoby moved to second. Then, everyone’s favorite retiring catcher, David “Grandpa Rossy” Ross, hit a sac fly to move Zoby home, and suddenly the Cubs were up 3-1.

Wrigley went nuts. My Twitter feed went nuts. I went nuts.


Later on, Francisco Lindor hit a single and Rajai Davis scored, bringing the Magical Land of Cleve within one, but it didn’t matter, because somehow the Cubs found a way. Even despite a shaky early outing from Chapman, who redeemed himself (on the mound, at least, not morally) by getting better the further he went along.

So on Tuesday, we return to Cleveland for Game Six, November baseball, and the return of Kyle “Baby Ruth” Schwarber to the lineup as DH.


Bring it on, baseball. I, for one, can’t wait.

Scouts: Not much I can really add, Prof covered everything pretty well.  Unfortunately I was asleep by the time Chapman came in, because it was SUCH a great idea to have a 8pm Sunday Night World Series game. Good job there Fox.

I do have to say, even with today off, and the series resuming in Cleveland Tuesday, you gotta like Chicago’s chances of taking this series to 7 with Arrieta on the bump against Josh Tomlin.  And if the Cubs do manage to get another win, well game 7 will be anyone’s game to win.  If I’m Cleveland, I’m a little uneasy, even going home needing to win just 1 of 2.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – World Series Game 5 Recap

  1. I don’t have a Twitter feed. What I have is a day old dead rat in a terrarium with a big black and white tegu who won’t eat it. I have to deal with it one way or another.

    As far as the Cubs, do you really think they’ll be able to stay interested once they get back to the most boring city in America tomorrow?


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