Four Reasons why the Cubs will be Wearing a “109” Patch Next Season

  1. They’re not pitching as well as (yawn) Cleveland and
  2. They’re not hitting worth a shit and
  3. They all suffer from a highly infectious prion-vectored Papuan neurological disease known as Die Vloek van der Geitbok and
  4. The gods hate their guts.


15 thoughts on “Four Reasons why the Cubs will be Wearing a “109” Patch Next Season

  1. I’m just hoping the Cubs can pull off a 3 game straight win. Hey, the Fighters won 4 straight games against the Carp while losing their first 2 games at Mazda in the Japan Series. If they can do it, no doubt the Cubs can do it too!

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  2. The Gods hate everyone’s guts. Besides, if they really want to get the Cubbies good they bring them to a game seven precipice where they are done in by the Gods earthly presence, Joe West.

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  3. In line with recent years, our Oz monopoly pay-tv provider, despite being half owned by Fox, is showing World Series coverage from MLB International, which means commentary by Matt Vasgersian and Buck Martinez. After the home run by Jason Kipnis (a Chicago native) yesterday, Martinez (I think) made the point that Kipnis’ sister knew Steve Bartmann as they lived in the same street. Has that got a mention on the Fox US broadcast? Maybe just one more reason for the Cubs to wait another year…


    • Nice grasp of wartime esoterica.

      Based on his performance as both Kennedy and Charly, Cliff Robertson would have been the guy to play Donald Trump so we could all relive the combat exploits that made him such a military expert. I’d especially look forward to the scene where he orders the generals to convert the ME-262 into a bomber.

      Your move.


      • Turning a Messerschmitt into a bomber, and Messersmith (former pitcher Andy) was born August 6, 1945, the same day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Of course he pretty much bombed after signing the first free agent contract. Wasn’t this all tied into Nostradamus’ Hair Hister quatrain?


        • The Messersmith connections: point, set and match. Well played set of mixed metaphors, and all in all much more interesting than Cleveland. (Jumps net, extends cold beer.)


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