Fly the L!

If you like your RISP’s stranded and your runners TOOTBLANed, last night was the game for you. Kip and Nap were essentially worthless, but Tomlin pitched well enough that one run, courtesy of Coco Crisp, was enough to make the game.

Both teams left seven men on base and neither pitcher had a game score above the low 60’s, but it was a nail-biter at the end. With two outs, the Cubs’ hopes rested on Jason Heyward (ouch!), but Naps pulled a Naps and J-Hey got on base. Heyward took 2B unchallenged, leaving men at 2B and 3B with Baez coming to the plate. Man, there probably isn’t anyone you’d rather have up in that moment, but Allen hung on and got the SO to close the shut out.

But, the biggest change-maker of the night was HPU Magoo Hirschbeck. How ’bout that strike zone? Eesh. Meritocracy, y’all!

4 thoughts on “Fly the L!

  1. The strike zone seemed-to me , at least- to be shitty for both teams. But, hey, we’ve got Joe West to look forward to. Maybe.
    That last pitch Baez swung at looked to be about level with the top of his helmet.


  2. Humans calling balls and strikes in that game was like somone walking up and periodically jostling your board game and you just had to reset your pieces somewhere close and continue. This is such a buzzkill.


    1. Whilst I don’t want robots calling the game, I agree with you. I just feel West feels like he needs a little attention. It will not surprise me at all if he throws out the starting pitcher from either team for arbitrary reasons.

      Joseph West is a infantile version of the ” precious snow flake ” scenario, he tries so fucking hard to be the hero, but he always become the zero because he has no business being a MLB umpire in the first place. Also, he’s a horrible singer and a fucking sloppy guitarist If there’s a way to fuck up this WS. He will find a way.

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