Holy Shit I Forgot About The World Series!

World Series Cubs Indians BaseballI am a bad baseball blogger.  (Whoa, I think that’s the first time since we’ve opened this site that I’ve actually called myself a blogger.)  I have yet to blog about or even really pay attention to the World Series.  The ENTIRE season plus the off-season plus Spring Training all lead up to this VERY week and I’m no where to be found.  I could tell you that I’ve been dealing with an absolutely obscene amount of work recently, and that would be true, but it’s no excuse.  I keep looking up and realizing an absolutely insane amout of time has passed and I haven’t gotten enough done.  I could tell you that I’ve been dealing with a illness that has completely sapped the precious little amount of energy I have, and I spend most of my evenings in a sort of half-vegetative, coma like state on the couch, but again no excuse.  (It’s no big deal, I’m okay, just very tired all the time.)  swamped.jpgI could admit that my interest has dipped slightly now that my team of choice is out of the playoffs and the teams I love to hate are also out of the playoffs.  Again, no choice.  Part of it is that I’m like 99% sure I already know the winner of this series, and personally I find Cleveland to be a less than exciting team to watch.  Don’t get me wrong they are incredibly good and absolutely deserve to be here, but they just don’t have the electricity of other teams.  It’s not that I don’t want them to win (I actually am very happy with either team winning.).  On the one hand it would be really cool for Chicago to win it.  They haven’t won in a very long time, and I honestly kinda want to stop hearing about it.  On the other hand, it really, really, really sucks to live in Cleveland.  (I’ve had family there.  The place is terrible.) So I kinda want them to win sort of to make up for having the Browns all these years.  But again, racist team name.  So I’m slightly pulling for Chicago (Although I really hope their fans don’t turn into the arrogant jerks the Red Sox fans did.)


World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game OneEither way, I have no clue what’s happened so far.  I keep hearing about someone playing the outfield.  Don’t know why.  I believe that Andrew Miller turned mortal, but I’m not sure.  So today, do me a favor.  I know I’m a little behind the times at the moment, so help a blogger out.  Fill me in on what’s going on.  Game 3 I believe is tonight.  I’m going to try super hard to watch.


P.S. (Remember when people used P.S.?) A big thank you to all of our staff, especially, Prof for holding the ship together the past few weeks.  I know she’s been super busy herself with the move and all, and  helping cover around here has been much appreciated.  As is the work everyone around here does.  As always we are always looking for any of our regular posters who may have any interest, to help out with some of the posting duties.  Mostly need help with some of the day to day news and the occasional “Look what story I found” sort of thing.

9 thoughts on “Holy Shit I Forgot About The World Series!

  1. Scout, you don’t need to make up excuses. We know what happened. You fell asleep from boredom watching the pan shots of Cleveland over the center field wall. Don’t blame yourself. Even the river doesn’t explode anymore. Ennui happens.

    Those soporific vistas are about to be replaced by exciting pan shots of the Wrigleyville rooftop bleachers. You can put your Dexedrine away now. Just pray the Cubs win three straight so we don’t have to go back on stimulants to stay awake for the brain-dulling amalgam of Cleveland and designatedhitterball again.

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  2. Actually Andrew Miller hasn’t become mortal at all. He DID bend in the first game allowing more hits and walks than usual, but ultimately he did NOT break. No runs scored. Unless we consider him being less than absolute shutdown as being mortal. He also had no part in the game two loss so there’s that.

    Someone in the outfield? All I know is that it’s not Angels in the Outfield. They’re at home watching the games.

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  3. ‘Here’s a story I found’: a very good write up of how Theo Epstein slew the curse of the Bambino and may now be doing the same for the Cubbies.


    Which leads me to a really cool idea I just had. Instead of including the wild card playoff winners in the playoffs, include the two worst teams in each league instead. What a gift to the Gods that could be. Could they resist a 1991 rematch between this year’s Twins and Braves. Alternatively, could they resist driving up the suicide rate in Chicago by having the worst American League team since (the Washington Senators?) defeat the best Cubs team ever.

    My White Sox fans in laws would be speechless.


  4. Boy, last night was something. The Cubs played exciting baseball but finally got bored to sleep by being on the same field with a team from Cleveland. Yerba mate for everyone tonight. Forget the Gatorade.


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