Trey Hillman to manage the SK Wyverns in the KBO

Image result for 트레이 힐먼
Trey Hillman with SK Wyverns GM Min Kyung-sam.

Trey Hillman, 53, will be managing the SK Wyverns in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), an announcement was made just today, according to media outlet Naver Sports, the contract was said to be on a 2-year deal worth an estimated 1.8 billion Won (at least 1.6 million USD) for Trey Hillman.

With this historic acquisition, Trey Hillman will be the first manager ever in Baseball history to manage a professional Baseball team in 3 different countries… in the NPB (with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, 2003-2007, owning a 351-323 record), MLB (with the Kansas City Royals, 2009-2010, owning a 152-207 record), and now in the KBO (with the SK Wyverns, 2017-current).

Trey Hillman will also be just the only 2nd foreign manager in KBO league history to manage a team in their country, with Jerry Royster being the first ever, managing the Busan Lotte Giants from year 2007 to 2010.

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