The Vulture Report: Postseason 2016 (Part II)

Wow Cubbies, what happened? You got Klubbered? Ouch! No Vultures yesterday. Obviously. The last time I wrote around these parts we discussed Aroldis Chapman’s vulture on October 19th during the NLCS. That is the only one of the 2016 postseason so far. Previous to that the Cubs also own the 2015 postseason’s only vulture as well. Trevor Cahill. That was a fun romp against the Cardinals. Let us reminisce.

Travis Wood opened the 6th inning of the NLDS Game 4 holding on to a 4-2 lead over the St. Louis. Facing the heart of the order, Wood pitched to Jayson Heyward who hit the ball for a single (that’s one of the few times you’ll read that anywhere in the blogosphere this postseason). Maddon decided pull Wood out and put Cahill in. Joel Peralta also singled, so that plan didn’t start on the right foot.

Give some credit to Trevor though, he struck out Grichuk and Wong to put two outs on the board. They were swinging strikeouts too. But just when you think Cahill was finally navigating the inning, he struck a mine in the form of a Tony Cruz double to right field.

Trevor needs to be more careful when toeing the rubber

Yet, the game wasn’t tied. It was 4-3. Heyward scored yet Peralta made it only to third base. Trevor had one more chance to escape the inning with minimal damage. But Brandon Moss singled to bring in Peralta.

The groundskeeper crew at Wrigley spent some time repairing the field after the Tony Cruz play.

Mission Accomplished. Trevor never did get the third out. Tony Cruz was out at home trying to score the go ahead run from second base. In the bottom of the inning the Cubs struck back with an Anthony Rizzo home run to regain the lead (sadly, this year Rizzo hitting a home run happens as often as Heyward getting a hit of any kind). This put Trevor in line to get the Win and since the Cubs did not surrender their lead for the rest of the game Trevor got his W.

In short, the guy who came in and allowed three baserunners, struck out two, his inherited runner scored, failed on both opportunities to prevent the opposing team from scoring, blew the save, didn’t get the third out except by a play at home… got the Win. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Trevor Cahill at the press conference after the game: “I thank luck and circumstance for this postseason victory.”

I’m sure the Cubs wouldn’t mind a Vulture to help even the series up later today.

8 thoughts on “The Vulture Report: Postseason 2016 (Part II)

  1. You got me with that vulture ID, FC. I was completely unfamiliar with Ruppel’s Griffon Vulture. But then, I’ve never been to the Sahel. Thanks for expanding my knowledge.

    But that picture of the bare foot about to step on the mine was pretty creepy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wait, you mean after all the weird stuff I’ve sent to the fantasy baseball league in the past five or so years THIS creeps you out? 🙂

      I probably should have gone for a cartoon version but odds are this picture was staged for effect (I can’t imagine the asshole that takes such a picture and not warn the person he’s about to step on a landmine). I’m also not the first person to use this specific image in a flippant manner, but I will endeavor to be less creepy in the future.

      There are LOTS of vultures out there! I’m still amused by the fact that there’s actually a species called the Turkey Vulture.


      1. Next time you are in Houston, have a look. There are only about 10 billion turkey vultures per square mile in the area.

        The highly developed road systems make it a very popular roadkill destination.


        1. As your illustration demonstrates, ain’t no such thing as a secondary ideal.

          Still, as I feign off sleep, the DH less post Neanderthal league rejoins with a 7 – 1 lead in the 7th. Unless the vines of Wrigley reach out to strangle someone (the Gods have done far worse), the definition of “loveable” remains subject to the prattle of us silly mortals.

          From the frozen brains of The Northland to the oxidized brains of the rust land, may the result stay:


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