He Said, She Said – NLCS Game 5 Recap

Scouts: NOBODY wanted to talk about that totally radical Guardians of the Galaxy teaser yesterday!?!?!?!  What’s wrong with you all!  That’s it, I’m quitting.  Ok, not really, but still.  I’m very disappointed in all of you.  Videos from last night’s game probably won’t go up today as MLB.com is dead in the water.

Update: Looks like a large part of the internet was down due to a DNS server getting attacked.  The attack seems to be residing now, so we get videos of last nights action.

Prof:  Well, yesterday was a bit of a downer for me, personally. But it’s not all bad – sometimes you have to go through valleys to reach the peaks. I’m just in a valley right now. You know who else was in a valley? The Chicago Cubs. And now they are climbing the mountain.

If the Cubs can do it, by golly, I can too!

Cubs 8, Dodgers 4

Another game at Chavez Ravine found the Cubs up one game in the series 3-2, headed home needing to win just one of the next two. This would be the last game in LA before the focus shifted back to the Friendly Confines. Maeda vs Lester; Maeda is still fairly wet behind the ears, while Jon Lester has now pitched well over 100 postseason innings in his career, putting him in several all time categories with such luminaries as Andy Pettitte, John Smoltz, and Whitey Ford.

Lester was his usual fine self, but once again the game belonged to Javier Baez. I hate knowing that I once wanted the Cubs to trade him to the Yankees for Andrew Miller. But at least I knew he was incredibly worthy of a high yield return, right? Baez – who, if the Cubs end up winning the NLCS will definitely be your series MVP – knocked in runs left and right.


Someone who isn’t winning series MVP is Jason Heyward. Oh, boy. It makes me really sad to see J-Hey down so low. The last time I remember him getting on base was because of being hit by a pitch. Sigh.

The series goes back to Chicago. Hopefully the Cubs will remember that they play great at Wrigley and win the series at home, ensuring that I have several small heart attacks and that Chicago basically collectively calls out of work for a few days to celebrate a World Series berth.


Scouts: The Dodgers will likely be pitching Kershaw tomorrow in Chicago and are in a win or go home situation as home field advantage suddenly steps up and makes it’s self apparent.  The Cubbies are so close they can taste it, but are in no way a lock to advance to the World Series.  They have however remembered once again they are the Cubs and put up a 5 spot in the 8th inning blowing a close game wide open.  Bryant, Rizzo, and Russell all went went 2 for 5 and have quickly turned their lackluster post-seasons around.  LA continues to be just a few pieces behind and struggle to maintain pace with Chicago.

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – NLCS Game 5 Recap

  1. I don’t know. If it indeed turns out Chicago vs Cleveland, then I don’t know who to root for! To my Cleveland friends….. well you deserve this plus it might turn around a state that needs a turn around, however, they may end up being like Red Sox fans where you are universally hated !

    For my Cubs friends, well, the same applies but you get to crow about how you had the best team in a hundred plus years.

    For my Dodger friends? Well, you have the best pitcher on the planet, so most likely you will return to avenge the loss.

    I wish all of you great luck, and I hope that a short -sighted bad call doesn’t fuck up the series for the rest of us . Good luck and good wishes for all of you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your egalitarianism is bracing, but I don’t have any friends in Cleveland and don’t want any. The neighbors on either side of me are already boring enough. At least their swimming pools don’t explode if one of them drops a cigarette butt in it.

      PS – their children are horrible too.


      1. Ha ha. Children are our future and if we only marinade them longer they wouldn’t be so al dente!

        I’m talking 9 month old babies getting ripped from the womb delicious. Truly, Senor Trump and I are on the same page, he however wants to date the babies at 18, I want to just eat them.

        Even though I eat babies, I still think that I am more qualified to run for at least Congress.



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