He Said, She Said – Recaps for 10/19/16

Scouts Edit: Okay, so I just saw the new Guardians 2 teaser was released and holy shit it’s amazing.  Hope you all enjoy!


Prof:  One down, and the NL to go. It’s going to be short on my end because I need to get some sleep; I’m planning on spending an inordinate amount of time at the DMV tomorrow.

ALCS – Cleveland 3, Toronto 0

Anyway, the AL Champions hail from the Magical Land of Cleve for the first time since 1997, and I’m kind of excited? I’ve been paying attention to them all season long, and even with all of the injuries they’ve had, this was most definitely a team effort.

I know Cleveland isn’t the sexy choice, and a lot of people are not thrilled that they made it, but I think that they play entertaining baseball, have a lot of great talent, throw awesome #PartyAtNapolis, and also have my favorite bleeding drone tinkering pitcher who escaped from Arizona. I think that the M.L.of C. is going to give us a fun series.

Congrats are in order for Toronto, the Rangers, the Red Sox, and the Orioles for making it to the postseason this year, but all of the hat tips are for the Indians, who will represent the Junior Circuit.

Scouts: We now live in a world where a middle relieve pitcher is the ALCS MVP.  Think about that for a moment.  That’s like a kicker getting MVP in the NFL.  Insanely awesome.

Chicago 10, Los Angeles 2

Prof:  And then we have the NLCS game. When I wrote this (bottom of the sixth) the Cubs were roaring ahead. Anthony Rizzo decided to come to the ballpark and Addy Russell did some Addy Russell stuff. My least favorite Cubs pitcher, Lackey, did his part.

We still have another game to play regardless of the final outcome. I’m relying on Scout to wrap this one up. 😛

Scouts: I’m not gonna lie, I am actually shocked the score is this high.  You see, being that it was such a late game, it’s hard for me to stay up and watch the end, and I actually turned off this game when the Cubbies were up 5-2.  Looks like I missed them putting up a 5 spot in the 6th.  I’m going to go ahead and say the Cubs all read this blog, because after giving my motivational speech yesterday, the Cubs offense finally woke the fuck up.  Rizzo went 3 for 5, Zobrist went 2 for 5, Russell went 3 for 5.  All players I called out yesterday.  The series is now a best of three.  One more late game in LA tonight, and then the series shifts back to Chicago.  Jon Lester will face Kenta Maeda tonight.

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 10/19/16

  1. First the Cavaliers win the (previously much) short(er) pants league championship, now the Tribe is going to the WS. At least the Browns are acting normal. Oh well, congrats to Bluebirds/Broncos/Naps/Indians fans everywhere. Here’s a little dancing music for you.


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