He Said, She Said – Recaps for 10/18/16

Cleveland 1, Toronto 5

Prof: Circumstances got away from the Magical Land of Cleve this evening. The Blue Jays found themselves victorious over the Indians, in a big way. Did you know this is the first loss for Cleveland in twenty days? That’s quite the feat.

Toronto keeps hope alive by taking a short rested Corey Kluber out behind the woodshed. Aaron Sanchez had a great outing; six innings with only two hits and one earned run. On the offensive side, Josh Donaldson got things started by hitting a home run in the third inning. Cleveland struggled all night, and just couldn’t get it done against a Jays team who found their wings (or maybe their Edwing?).

Game Five is tomorrow afternoon at Rogers Centre. This is do or die for Toronto, much like this one was. Our matchup is Ryan Merritt vs Marco Estrada.

Fun fact – there used to be an old commercial where Erik Estrada, of C.H.i.P.S. fame, was “selling” vanity sunglasses that said the word “ESTRADA” on them. He would move his fingers over his eyes not unlike Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction” and say “ESTRADA” in a slow, weirdly seductive way. To this day, every single time I say Marco Estrada’s name, I do that exact same thing.

Anyway, Merritt vs. Estrada. I’m curious if Marco will continue to show impressive strength in the face of his herniated disk, or if the Indians’ bats will decide to show up and assist Merritt in this incredibly important game. Turn in tomorrow to find out.

/moves fingers over eyes/ ESTRADA.

Chicago 0, Los Angeles 6

Prof: You don’t want me to recap the NLCS. Trust me. You don’t. Because this is all you’re getting from me.

I’ll let Scout give you this one.

Scouts: Okay, okay I guess I’ll recap this one.  Chicago’s offense has been non-existent lately.  As you all know I’m not a big NL guy, but I was promised a AL offense.  What the hell Chicago?  4 hits?  I know Rich Hill is having a magical season, but DAMN SON.  The closest the Cubbies came to scoring was a 2 out double in the 8th, which Dave Roberts responded to by bringing in their closer.  Seriously just a fuck you move right there.  Kris Bryant ending the inning striking out swinging. Yasmani Grandal hit a two-run home run that almost ended in embarrassment.  He dropped the bat, then started strutting to first on a ball that cleared the fence by about 3 inches.  C’mon Son!  Justin Turner also hit a solo home run as Jake the snake was not very snake or very Jake like giving up 6 hits and 4 runs over just 5 innings.  I’ve seen this Arrieta before.  I attended SEVERAL of these games in Baltimore.  Games that left you shaking your head at a talent that just somehow wakes up and can’t get out of the middle of the zone with flat fastballs.

I wouldn’t say it’s time for Cubbies fans to panck just yet,  as the Dodgers rotation outside Hill and Kershaw isn’t anything to fret over, however that lineup needs to get their asses in gear like now.  Rizzo is batting .091, Zobrist is .100, Russell has yet to collect a hit, and if I remember my Cubs/Giants headlines correctly most of the damage in that series was done by the pitchers. Daaaaamn!

Game 4 is Tonight at 8 pm EST.

12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 10/18/16

  1. The fickleness…. or.. fickality… or ficklenition… of the Jays fans came out yesterday. Stub hub tickets were ridiculously cheap. It was an oddly timed day game… but contrast that with the fact that I (unfortunately) had to sell 2 of my 4 wild card tickets and got essentially double what I paid… No wonder everyone hates us Jays fans!


        1. I find it hard to believe that they got thrown onto the field all the way from Windsor or Montreal, you know? I mean, we don’t really have Feelies fans to kick around anymore. Let us have some fun.


  2. Just a quick note to my legion of adoring fans out there: I am alive and well but swamped with editorial work this week and husbanding my powers for commentary on the series.

    Meanwhile it’s dawning on me how dilated and tedious the postseason has become; evening temperatures in Macondo are diving into the upper 70s already, baby anoles are hatching out in droves and the vultures are back from their summer of upcountry roadkill, roosting on the county courthouse downtown while waiting for British tourists to look the wrong way when stepping orf the sidewalk. The Jewish High Holidays have ended and led us directly into stone crab season. Well, that’s something.

    Cleveland looks like it’s heading to the World Series despite my using up nearly every pin in my voodoo cushion. I don’t really loathe Cleveland (I’ve been through it once or twice and can’t remember anything about it except the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, which belongs practically anywhere else). I just find it boring and face the prospect of laboring to find only one of the two teams in the series of any interest.

    Ah well. Time to go check and clean off my aquarium heaters before adding them all to my feeshtanks in advance of the tropical weenter.

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  3. Y’all, it was 90 here Monday. I’m salty as shit. It would be nice to be done wearing shorts by November. Gonna be 85 today again. Sigh.


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