Meanwhile, in the NLCS…

My apologies, friends, I’m still dealing with moving in stuff and my times are all messed up. A life spent in Central Time is always an hour behind. 🙂

So, game one was a Cubs victory featuring a grand slam from Miggy Montero and a Heavy Baez stolen base….stolen home!

Game two was the further redemption of Clayton Kershaw, who pitched a gem, and the continued excellence of Kenley Jansen. A shame for Dodgers fans that Kershaw can’t pitch every outing.

With the series evened out, and on the move to Chavez Ravine, the next few games will be interesting.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in the NLCS…

    1. See? I’m totally off! I mean, who else calls it the Magical Land of Cleve around here? IT’S ME! And I totally missed it!!!

      But we’re going to see how Bauer Outage pitches with a drone injury soon so… 😛

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        1. I love Trevor Bauer. Even when he was with the Gritty Snakes. There’s something about him that I really like a lot. He’s not the greatest pitcher you’ve ever seen, but there’s just something there that I love to watch. And I love his personality.


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