Feel The Burn

Don’t look now, but the Blue Jays are in full on crazy-town conspiracy mode.  After getting absolutely dominated in the first two games against Cleveland, Jose Bautista told reporters the Blue Jays are victims of “circumstances“.

Just as to what those “circumstances” are is up to anyone’s guess, but it seems that Bautista is claiming the series is suddenly rigged against Toronto, for reasons passing understanding.  If the league was going to rig anything, it would be a Cubs vs. Boston world series.  The headlines really write themselves.

Of course during the game, several Blue Jays players complained about strike calls, most of which were actually strikes, or boarder-line at best.  If it had been a regular season game, one player would have have likely been tossed for arguing balls and strikes. So to see the Blue Jays, who are well known to loudly bitch and complain to the media routinely, were actually given a lot of leeway by those same umpires they are criticizing now.

Of course the proper response to Bautista’s claims that the series is rigged is to laugh your ass off at someone who is clearly crying over sour milk.  Here’s a tip for Bautista.  If you don’t want an inside strike called, maybe don’t hug the plate like a virgin on prom night.

The Cleveland Indians had some insights on the conversation.

Game 3 starts tonight at 8pm EST in Toronto.  Have your tinfoil hats ready.

2 thoughts on “Feel The Burn

  1. Sorry, scouts, but the proper response is “Well, of course, they’re rigged against you. That makes much more sense than that you suck right now.” Or, alternatively, “Yes, of course they’re rigged against you Jose. That’s because you’re such a whiny, butt-faced jackwagon.”

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