ALCS Game 1 – Time for a Lindor Truffle


Game one of the American League Championship Series started out as a real pitcher’s duel between Cleveland’s incredible Corey Kluber and the surprisingly solid Blue Jay Marco Estrada. Five scoreless frames, and it looked like it would continue down that path, until Francisco Lindor decided that he was tired of seeing zeroes and did something about it.

Those two runs were all the Magical Land of Cleve needed to beat Toronto. Well, that and the services of reigning AL Closer of the Year, Andrew Miller, who was a strikeout machine, leading the way for Cody Allen to get the job done.

The future for the Indians will be interesting, as another pitcher suffers a strange injury. Trevor Bauer sliced a finger open while repairing one of his beloved drones. Bauer was supposed to have started game two against J.A. Happ (you all know my thoughts about the Happer). The Cleveland pitcher has his start pushed back a game, and Josh Tomlin will take his spot. This might be the game that can get Toronto back into the picture, but we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “ALCS Game 1 – Time for a Lindor Truffle

  1. Shout out to Santana’s bunt, which was probably one of the most beautiful bunts I have ever seen.

    I was pretty sure at least one of the Jays was gonna get tossed for arguing with the umps. The Lindor bomb was exciting, and I totatly want Tito to kiss my bat.


  2. Cleveland’s Kluber Confuses Canadian Club. Lindor Launches Longball. Bauer Beset By Bird Brained Behavior.
    That was a really entertaining game .Very good pitching from both teams, good defense, and timely hitting. But the longer the game went, the wider the strike zone got. There were several strikes called that were clearly outside.


  3. Hey Prof, Estrada is only “surprisingly” solid if you haven’t been paying close attention for the past two years. Marco has led the league in hits per 9 innings for both of the last two seasons, and has a better ERA than Kluber over that span (3.30 to 3.32).

    What killed the Jays last night was not being able to cash in on all those RISP in the early innings.

    Today is Jay Happ, with a completely rested bullpen that he hopefully won’t need.


    1. I liked Marco even when he was with the Brewers, even when people thought that he was a product of a system. I was alluding to the herniated disk in his back – he’s surprisingly solid for having an injury.


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