Baseball Stuffs

Hi, folks. I’m back! I’m alive! And I am now a new resident of the east coast!

Due to moving across this great country of ours for the last few days, I have missed a lot of baseball. 😦 Thankfully I was able to catch up with some stuff on twitter whenever I was near free WiFi, so there’s that. I did see that my Cubs friends all lost their collective minds with the EYBS(tm) finally ended.

There wasn’t a game last night. We have to face it; we’re nearing the end of baseball season. It’s always a sad time. I was reflecting with a friend last night, I only went to four games this year. It feels like I’ve been slacking! I’ll definitely do more next season. At the very least, when the Braves come to Washington.

panicAlso, while I was gone, the Braves announced their permanent manager hire, and to no one’s surprise, it was Brian Snitker, who was their interim manager after they got rid of Fredi Gonzalez. Atlanta really, really likes to promote from within. So much so that everyone in #BravesFam knew that Snit was going to be the manager. Talking to Bud Black and Ron Washington was merely a formality.

So, let’s talk some baseball. Anything cool going on with your teams? Are you excited for the prospect of an Indians/Cubs world series (oh please oh please)? If the Blue Jays make it, are we going to have to listen to Drake for a week nonstop? Tell us in the comments!

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