He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/11/2016

Not much of an intro today as I’m not feeling particularly chatty.  The next round of the playoffs are starting to come into clearer focus, now it’s just down to one of two teams as the Dodgers/Nationals series returns to DC for it’s conclusion.  We know that the Nats will be throwing Max Scherzer on the bump, but the Dodgers have yet to announce a starter.  Buckle up everyone this is what we live for.  Everyone has today off, so go to the gym, read a book, watch a movie, to get away from baseball for one day.  While many of our seasons have already ended, there is still a little bit of the game left before the long, harsh winter is upon us.



Nationals 5, Dodgers 6 –  If you are facing elimination the one man in the league you want on the mound is Clayton Kershaw, yet Kershaw was not quite Kershaw giving up 7 hits and 5 runs over 6.2 innings.  Thankfully for the Dodgers, the Nationals couldn’t get much out of their pitching staff either with Joe Ross going just 2.2 innings after giving up 4 runs on 3 hits.  The rest of the bullpen didn’t do all that great either giving up 2 runs on 4 hits over 6 innings, allowing Utley the buttley to lace a single in the 8th that put LA up for good.  Daniel Murphy finished with 4 RBI’s for the Nats while Adrian Gonzalez homered for the Dodgers.



Cubs 6, Giants 5 – The Giants had this one in hand, until a 9th inning meltdown in the bullpen that saw 4 different relievers give up 4 runs all while getting just one out.  It all seemed so typical of how the Giants season has gone.  A team with a lot of talent, that just couldn’t stop tripping over their own feet.  Matt Moore went 8 innings with 10 strike outs, and two runs over two hits, and the bullpen couldn’t get the final 3 outs facing elimination.  So now Chicago will go home and rest and away the ending of the Nat/Dodgers elimination game.


9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/11/2016

  1. The box score says Kershaw gave up five, but that’s not really fair to Kershaw, as the scoreboard said 5-2 when he walked off the mound with two outs in the 7th, albeit with the bases loaded. Pedro Baez spared everyone the pleasure of watching him take 30 seconds or more between pitches by plunking Jayson Werth with his first and only pitch, and then Luis Avilan gave up a two-run single to Daniel Murphy, and the game was tied. The rules say that Kershaw has to be charged with those runs, but it’s the bulllpen’s job to keep inherited runners from scoring, and they didn’t do that here.

    As for the Nats’ bullpen, they finally yielded a couple runs in this series after having put up nothing but goose eggs in the first three games. The game winner came after Blake Treinen got the first two outs in the 8th, but then he hit Toles with a pitch, and surrendered singles to Ethier and Utley to plate the run. The Nats still had a lefty in their pen in Sammy Solis, but Dusty didn’t want to use him for Utley, as Solis was tired and he figured Roberts would send Kendrick up to pinch hit. Solis did come on to get Seager (on one pitch, IIRC) to end the inning after the Utley hit.

    The Nats’ bullpen has now yielded two earned runs in 17 2/3 innings in this series; that’s a lot of innings, but I’ll take that kind of performance from my team’s bullpen any time.

    That HBP by Treinen was one of four by Nats pitchers yesterday, and there have been eleven by both teams in this series, but none of them have been intentional, and there’ve been no umpire warnings, and no benches clearing so far. They’ve just been cases of pitchers trying to pitch inside and getting too close to the hitter.

    I would’ve preferred a win yesterday, obviously, but I’ll take my chances as a Nats fan with Scherzer on full rest against Hill on short rest tomorrow night. The games in this series have been running long, and the DC subway system closes early, so expect there to be an early exodus from the park by some fans regardless of what the score is.


      1. This is why I have yet to attend a game at the new Nationals park, even-though I live and work in the area. The park’s location was not properly thought out, and DC politics gets too heavily involved. The fact that people will have such a difficult time attending this game, a game being played in a stadium almost entirely funded by the people who are most likely to attend is absolutely fucking ridiculous. This is not a new issue, it’s been an ongoing battle for YEARS and it’s not going to get any better anytime soon.


        1. There’s no real problem with the location, in my opinion. I’ve driven to several games there (and paid through the nose for parking) as it’s right off I-295, and there is a subway station well within walking distance of the park, which I’ve also used. The problem is the lack of reliability of the subway system.

          See, there’s a new sheriff in town in charge of Metro, and he’s focusing on making sure that subway riders have a reasonable expectation of making it to their destination safely and in an expected amount of time. To achieve his goals, he’s decreed that, “Yea, verily, we shall do all the maintenance that none of my predecessors did.”

          This means that gone are the days when the subway stayed open till 3AM on weekends, as are the days when an organization such as the Nats or Caps could pay Metro (or get someone to pay Metro in the name of sponsorship) to stay open late on a weeknight for a special event. It’s unfortunate that it’s having this impact on the Nats, and $DEITY help us if the Nats make the World Series, but I expect that there’ll be some early exits from the park tomorrow night.


    1. Baez is a whole lotta fun to watch. Even more than Rizzo and Bryant and Russell. Almost … almost.. makes me want to be a Cubs fan.


  2. What movies should you go to tonight? Well, the two I’d recommend are Deepwater Horizon and, if its limited release is in your area, Shin Godzilla. I saw the latter last night and thought it was the first really good Godzilla movie since the 1954 original. A lot of you don’t know much about Japanese political culture but I do think Ren would get as big a kick out of its sometimes subtle, sometimes slapstick pokes at Japan’s government, institutional bureaucracy and foreign relations.

    And the new Godzilla itself is, well, really Godzilla – a complexion like Jan Brewer and an attitude like Hair Hitler as a mean drunk. The muppet Godzilla is dead!


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