He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/10/2016


Good morning peeps!  (I’m bringing back peeps, deal with it.) Has anyone watched Luke Cage yet?  Surprisingly I have not heard a thing about it.  Usually when these shows hit people can’t stop talking about it.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Is it forgettable?  What’s the deal?  It’s still in my queue, but I’m planning on getting to it soon.  I’m still working on finishing a few other series I was in the middle of when it dropped.  We had a pretty good day of baseball yesterday.  The AL series are all concluded, now we are just waiting for the old timers league to catch up.  You have to be patient, they are a little slow, what with their advanced age and all.



Nationals 8, Dodgers 3 – This one was a little close, at 4-3, but in the 9th inning the Nationals decided to finally end any doubt and put away the game for good.  Anthony Rendon hit a two run shot to cap off a 4 run 3rd, an inning that chased away Dodgers starter Kenta Maeda.  Gio Gonzalez helped the Dodgers keep it close, giving up 3 runs on 4 hits in 4.1 innings.  Washington’s bullpen shut down the Dodgers the rest of the way.



Indians 4, Red Sox 3 – Just a few days ago, the Indians were completely counted out.  They had been struggling for months, and suffered a series of injuries that many concluded would spell their doom.  Combine that with the red hot Red Sox who were lighting the world on fire, and well this is not how anyone expected this series to go.  (And if you say otherwise, you are a fibber.)  Coco Crisp hit a two-run home run and Tyler Naquin added a two-run single as Cleveland swept Boston and ended David Ortiz’s career.  Boston was able to pull to within one on a Hanley Ramirez single in the 8th, but Xander Bogaerts lined out to end the threat with Ortiz standing on second.



Cubs 5, Giants 6 – With their backs against the wall, facing Jake “The Snake” Arrieta (I think “The Snake” is the required nickname by law for anyone named Jake.) San Francisco took their sweet time to pull out a victory.  Joe Panik doubled in Brandon Crawford in the bottom of the 13th.  What a wild game this turned out to be.  Jake Arrieta attacked first hitting a three-run home run in the second.  Then after clawing back into the game the Giants’ Conor Gillaspie smacked a two-run triple in the 8th which helped put the Giants ahead, only to have Kris Bryant tie the game with a two-run home run in the ninth.  In a way I’m glad this game was on well past my bed-time because I’m not entirely sure my heart could have handled it!



10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/10/2016

  1. Still can’t believe the best offense in the majors (the Red Sox) turned into basically nothing at all in 3 games. It was so painful to watch.

    Not just because of the Sox’ performance either. TBS has the worst announcing crew I’ve ever heard, and that includes any ESPN or FOX incarnation. The play by play man has the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard. And since there were three people talking all the time (with the fourth, Sam Ryan, being less of a presence), complete with harping on things for so long you’d think they were Jim Rome, dropping stuff like “Professional Team/Hitter” all the time…I could not deal with it. I had to watch with the sound off.

    Total Bull Shit would be a better name for the channel.


      • I don’t think this is a mystery. On these broadcasts there are producers in everyone’s ear trying to pack the broadcast with tangential crap that detracts from the actual game being played instead of enhancing the viewing experience. They make it worse by having more than a 2-person crew, with that many mouths competing for air time, there is too much by-conversation that occurs over the action. Essentially, the producers don’t view the goal of the broadcast the same way fans do, and they wind up with shitty coverage because of it.

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    • I have to say that the thing that may turn off a lot of casual fans is that they are subjected to the worst announcing crews. If what you mostly saw was the guys on Fox and TBS, you probably wouldn’t be that into games either.


  2. Four hours and twelve minutes to play a nine inning game, even a postseason game, is at least one hour and twelve minutes too long, but I’ll take the outcome.

    Both teams are still looking for a quality start in this series. Scherzer’s game 1 outing where he last six innings is the longest start so far, and Kershaw’s the only other guy to even go five. The Nats’ bullpen so far has been the key, surrendering no runs in 12 1/3 innings to date, while managing to not fire all their bullets in any one game to do it.

    Neither manager has announced his starter for game 4 yet. I can’t believe Roberts won’t throw Kershaw, but he would be on short rest and he didn’t look great in Game 1. For the Nats, it’ll either be Reynaldo Lopez with Joe Ross on standby, or Ross with Lopez on standby.

    Unfortunately, because the Rasputins up the coast once again failed to die in an elimination game, the Nats/Dodgers will again be on the undercard, starting at 5PM ET, so I guess I’ll be knocking off work a bit early today. Sucks to be me.


  3. Those pithy verducci factoids get exposed for how intrusive they are when thye get interrupted by someone else in the booth or that pesky game action. If your story isn’t worth finishing, it isn’t worth starting. Somehow vin gets away with this, probably because he controls the interruptions.


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