Mr. Verlander Gets Schooled


Yesterday evening, Justin Verlander — flush with the Jay’s playoff win — made a most unfortunate tweet:




To their credit, Tigers fans stepped to the plate and schooled Mr. Verlander on his error.

The first response:

And, it went from there:

It went on from there.

Today, V sent out this tweet:

So, we all learned a little something today and have come together to make change happen. We all win this post-season.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Verlander Gets Schooled

    • Yeah, it isn’t that common for someone’s ignorance to result in them being wrong, for them to be ganged up on about it publicly, and then for them to learn more about the issue and to realize the source of their error, to apologize for it, and to clarify their meaning and intention….assuming what he meant in the end was “yeah, attention should be brought to police brutality in this country, especially against people of color, and I respect this peaceful protest and how it has helped to open people’s eyes to this important issue that is killing innocent people”. If he didn’t mean that, well….


    • I kind of assumed at first he was thinking all the divisive politics in our country and people in our country being so hostile with one another (and the election bickering/drama). I figured that’s the kind of lack of unity he was thinking of. Probably he did get an earful and talk to some folks after the tweet (and the racial implications) and adjusted his statement (tweaked the meaning?). Maybe he got a call from Torii or something… He’s not a hater (though he does tend toward the pro-America side), so he probably did feel badly about coming off douchey and wanted to bridge the issue.


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