He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/9/2016

Hello Fans of Fan-Interference!  I have made my triumphant return from my post season, post-season mental vacation from the world of baseball.  I have to admit, it was sort of nice curling up on the couch, among the rainy weather we’ve had the past week or so and binge watching whatever I wanted on Netflix, not having to turn 15 shades of red every-time Chris Davis pulled an outside fastball right into the shift.  Oh who am I kidding.  He would just swing and miss.  How has everyone been?  I see the site is still here.  No one’s burned the place to the ground or anything?  Hope you are as happy to see me as I am to see you as Prof is taking a few personal days to suffer through one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences there are in life.  Moving.  And to make things even more fun she’s moving across the country.  So I think the least we can do is give her a few days away from the grind of writing so many words for all us knuckleheads to read (or throw feces at the screen and yell about.)

Anyways, insert your favorite slim shady song here because this party is about to get started!



Dodgers 2, Nationals 5 – Rich Hill did not have a very good day.  Hill allowed Nationals MVP Daniel Murphy to go 3 for 3 with a pair of RBI singles as well as giving up a three-run home run to Jose Lobaton.  Rookie of the year Candidate Corey Seager hit his second home run of the post-season, but it wasn’t enough.  The Dodgers missed out on a few opportunities, including a bases-loaded jam in the 2nd and the 5th.  No time to contemplate on the win/loss however as the series heads to LA today.  (Funny how Baseball can cross the country in the playoffs, but the NBA needs 3 days off.)



Blue Jays 7, Rangers 6 – Toronto has gotten hot at just the right time.  After beating Baltimore in a nail-biter, they managed a sweep of the Rangers, this one coming off a big play in the 10th.  Josh Donaldson doubled to lead off the inning, and then raced home to score the winning run off an error.  You can technically call this one a walk-off, but it was more of a run-off if you ask me.  The Blue Jays have earned themselves a few days rest as they await the conclusion of the Red Sox/Indians series.  Game 1 of the ALCS begins on Friday.




Indians, Red Sox – Rain, Rain, Rain.  Game has been postponed.  Will the rainout hurt the Indians momentum, or delay the Red Sox defeat?  Or will it not really matter?  Find out tonight at 6pm (Only time zone that matters.)  Josh Tomlin will go against Clay Bucholz.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/9/2016

    • I particularly like the fan sign in the crowd that said “I’d rather get punched in May than knocked out in October”. Pure karma that it was Odor that lost the Rangers the game, with Matt Bush pitching, no less.


  1. I was lamenting to my wife at one point during yesterday’s NLDS game that, having grown up as a Pirate fan before switching allegiance to the Nats when that franchise moved to DC, I have not seen my favorite team win a post-season series since 1979. I’m not by any means believing that yesterday’s turn of events means that my personal drought will end, but I sure do feel a whole lot better today than I did early in the game yesterday.

    Before Lobaton’s home run, the Nats had spent a couple of days looking tight, able to put themselves in position to score, but unable to get that one key hit to bring home the runners. It seems that after the home run that maybe the roles have changed, what with the Dodgers leaving a billion men on base and the Nats finding ways to score repeatedly.

    Both teams sent today’s starters winging west early, but I expect we’ll see some tired ballplayers out there this afternoon. Gio’s going today for the Nats, and lefties are supposed to be kryptonite for the Dodgers, but it’s Gio, so… All I know is the series won’t end today.


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