Postseason Weekend Express

So I’ve been packing all day long. Literally. In fact, about an hour ago I packed about 95% of my clothes into suitcases and placed it in the back of my car, Tetris style. I’m taking a break now, and making my insomnia work for you. As soon as this posts, I’ll dive into my hope chest, lovingly handcrafted by my late grandfather from wood cut down from the back forty of his acreage back home in Arkansas. The only thing of value that he ever gave me except for a really long, really terrible and yet highly interesting historical romance novel that’s been long out of print. My gramps was a sucker for tawdry romance novels. A human being with many weird and distinct layers, much like yours truly. Anywhoozle…

First, here’s a song to get you through the night.

NLDS – Game 2

Giants 2, Cubs 5 – Cubs pitchers save the day in more ways than one. Kyle Hendricks hit a two run single and Travis Wood hit a home run to put Chicago on top. They lead San Francisco two games to none. Scary moment when Hendricks (my choice for NL Cy Young) was hit in the forearm and had to leave the game. So far, it doesn’t seem to be anything terrible. Let’s hope.

NLDS – Game 2

Dodgers, Nationals – POSTPONED. Who’ll stop the rain? Mother Nature will, eventually. Tomorrow LA and Washington will play this makeup game. In the meantime…


9 thoughts on “Postseason Weekend Express

  1. Ohh you’re moving too. (I think I remembered you mentioning something along those lines at one point) Most of my stuff is in boxes too. Very stressful times for me–I haven’t moved in over 11 years, and things have changed a lot for me in that time.

    Anyway, I was annoyed to see that a couple of the DS games are only on MLBN. I get the network, by my brother doesn’t. However, we discovered that the network was opened up to him for the DS yesterday. Not sure if this was trust for everyone with cable. It’d be nice if everyone could watch the playoffs non-cable, but with football and all the shows right now it’s probably not terribly feasible. Of course, the situation will change once the playoffs come more down to the wire.

    Since the regular season is over, I did some math yesterday regarding home run totals league-wide:

    5610 in 2016
    4909 in 2015
    12.5% increase over last year

    No way that thing ain’t juiced. That’s far to statistically significant to chalk up to pitcher ineptitude and/or increased player power alone.


  2. Baby Bears Bash Bayside Behemoths. Pitchers Provide Power, Pound Pill.
    I’ll bet scouts is beside himself over the pitchers hitting

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  3. BTW, today is the anniversary of what, in my opinion, was the start of the greatest overall World Series pitching performance of all time.
    Monday.. 9 IP 4 H, 6 SO, 0 BB, 0 Runs
    Thursday.. 9 IP 4 H, 8 SO, 1 BB, 0 runs 9 (2 days rest)
    Saturday 9 IP, 5H, 4 SO, 0 BB 0 Runs (1 day rest)
    Long live Christy Mathewson’s legend.


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